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Ben Affleck’s 6 Batman Costumes, Ranked

From Batman v Superman to the Flash, Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman in the DC Extended Universe brought with it a range of iconic and visually striking Bat-suits. From the dark and brooding to the high-tech and tactical suit. Check out the six Ben Affleck Batman distinct customized suits that have been listed.

Ben Affleck

Batman, undoubtedly one of the most beloved superheroes in existence, has cemented his place in popular culture through a multitude of mediums.

Spanning across comic books, animated series, video games, and, notably, the silver screen. Also, Batman has been a dominant force in the realm of cinema for almost eight decades.

Throughout this extensive history, various actors have stepped into the role, leaving their indelible mark on the Dark Knight’s legacy.

From the iconic Lewis Wilson and Adam West to the current embodiment by Robert Pattinson, a diverse lineup of actors has donned the cape and cowl.

Alongside these portrayals, each Batman has brought their own unique flavor to the character, complete with an individualized Batsuit design.

What to know about the Ben Affleck Batman Role 

Affleck took over the role of Christian Bale, who had previously donned the cape and cowl in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy.

While Nolan’s films aimed for a grounded and realistic approach, characterized by the tactical and armored Bat-suit.  Zack Snyder’s interpretation of Batman veered towards a more fantastical and comic book-inspired depiction.

This departure from realism allowed Affleck’s Batman to become one of the most visually faithful adaptations of the character.

In the DCEU, Ben Affleck’s Batman made his appearances in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, Justice League, and, of course, The Flash.

Except for Suicide Squad, which recycled the standard DCEU Bat-suit, each of these films showcased distinct versions of the Dark Knight’s attire.

The idea of Batman possessing multiple suits, as seen in the comics, had been overlooked in previous film adaptations.

Christian Bale’s Batman only underwent a costume change in The Dark Knight, where he completely replaced his armor.

To delve deeper into the rich history and significance of each of the DCEU Bat-suits. However, here is the comprehensive ranking of Ben Affleck’s Batman costumes.

1. Batman v Superman’s Main Batman Suit (Ben Affleck)

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck’s initial Batman costume in Batman v Superman is widely regarded as his best portrayal of the Caped Crusader.

In fact, perhaps this particular Bat-suit stands out as the finest among all the Batman movies. Also, capturing the essence of a comic book comes to life.

Unlike previous modern film adaptations, where Batman only wore all-black armored suits following Tim Burton’s Batman.

However, this was the first time since Adam West’s Batman series that the character donned a grey vest in live-action.

This departure from the norm brought a fresh and visually striking element to the iconic costume.

One notable improvement in Affleck’s Bat-suit was the elimination of the infamous “Bat-neck” issue that had plagued previous versions.

The new design allowed Batman to move with agility and grace, reflecting the skills of a highly trained martial artist.

The warehouse scene in Batman v Superman, renowned for its exceptional fight choreography, perfectly showcased the suit’s functionality. Also, how it enhanced Batman’s combat abilities.

The suit’s visual appeal was undeniable, proving that a grey Batman costume could be both aesthetically pleasing and practical.


2. Batman V Superman’s Mech Batman Suit

Ben Affleck

The visual inspiration behind Batman v Superman can be traced back to Frank Miller’s renowned comic book, The Dark Knight Returns.

In this iconic story, a mature Batman engages in a brief but intense battle with Superman. Similarly, Batman in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) possesses a unique suit tailored for combating the Man of Steel.

However, unlike Iron Man’s high-tech armour, Batman’s mech-suit is not primarily meant for protection. Instead, it serves as a containment suit, enabling Batman to endure Superman’s formidable blows.

The mech-suit featured in Batman v Superman faithfully recreates the one from The Dark Knight Returns, albeit with a few minor alterations.

Its emphasis on practicality further enhances its appeal. The concept of Batman donning a mech suit to confront Superman seemed implausible, with no precedent set by previous live-action Batman films.

By incorporating the mech Bat-suit into Batman v Superman. Therefore, the filmmakers embraced a more fantastical and comic book-inspired interpretation of the character, setting it apart from its predecessors.

Moreover, the suit’s appearance after the intense battle between Batman and Superman, with Bruce Wayne’s half-exposed face emerging from the damaged helmet. Also, adds a layer of coolness to its overall design.

3. Batman v Superman’s Knightmare Batman Suit

Ben Affleck

In Batman v Superman, viewers were treated to the sight of three distinct Bat-suits, each with its own unique characteristics.

However, one of these suits stood out from any previous Batman attire seen on the big screen. The film portrayed Bruce Wayne experiencing a dream or vision, possibly triggered by the Flash, showcasing a future where Superman had turned to the dark side.

This alternate timeline, known as the “Knightmare” sequence, depicted a post-apocalyptic world where Batman found himself. Where is leading a resistance against both Superman and the formidable army of Darkseid?

In this gritty and desolate setting, reminiscent of the Mad Max series, Batman’s ensemble underwent a notable change. His familiar grey suit was now accompanied by a distinctive coat, replacing the traditional cape.

Interestingly, there are theories suggesting that this coat worn by Batman in the Knightmare timeline might have originally belonged to Jim Gordon. 

However, Gordon was the character closely associated with Batman in the comics and previous films.

4. Justice League’s Main Batman Suit

Ben Affleck

The primary Bat-suit in Justice League bears a striking resemblance to the one seen in Batman v Superman.

In fact, it’s plausible that they are the same within the fictional universe. However, reports suggest that Justice League’s Bat-suit was actually created by a different company than the one responsible for Batman v Superman, which explains the noticeable disparities.

The most significant contrast lies in the cowl, which appears sleeker compared to its predecessor. Additionally, there are subtle deviations in colours and more distinct muscle patterns.

The fact that Justice League’s Bat-suit resembles the one from Batman v Superman but incorporates these differences works against its overall reception.

Interestingly, Batman’s mobility appeared to be constrained in the Justice League, particularly around the neck.

Batman v Superman marked the first instance since Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989 where the Dark Knight could freely move his neck. But this functionality seemed to have been lost in the Justice League suit.

Nevertheless, a minor yet crucial enhancement was made to Batman’s gauntlets, drawing inspiration from Wonder Woman’s bracelets. Therefore, these upgrade gauntlets served the purpose of absorbing and deflecting energy blasts.


5. Justice League’s Tactical Batman Suit

The tactical Bat-suit donned by Batman in Justice League had a logical narrative justification. After his intense battles against Superman and Doomsday in Batman v Superman, Batman was bracing himself for the impending arrival of extraterrestrial beings.

The suit maintained the fundamental essence of the standard Justice League Bat-suit but incorporated additional protective plates around the chest, arms, and legs.

As a result, Batman appeared significantly bulkier, compromising his agility as the Dark Knight. However, it’s worth noting that Batman engaged in many hand-to-hand combat situations in Batman v Superman.

Also, Justice League primarily focused on combatting aliens using specialized vehicles and gadgets.

Although Batman’s tactical suit in Justice League served its purpose within the story, it didn’t exude the same level of coolness as the previous Bat suits worn by Ben Affleck.

Batman v Superman deviated from the traditional Batman movie trope of always equipping the character with heavy armour, even though it was unnecessary based on the original comics.

Consequently, reverting to the heavy and restrictive armour in Justice League, even if only for the final battle, failed to generate the same level of excitement. However, the suit itself possessed a visually stunning quality.

6. The Flash’s Batman Suit Ben Affleck

In The Flash’s opening scene, Ben Affleck made an appearance as Batman, joining forces with Flash and Wonder Woman to thwart a gang of thieves.

This sequence established that the Justice League of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is still functioning as a team, although only three members were featured.

In The Flash, Batman sports a fresh Bat-suit, inspired by the tactical suit seen in Justice League.

The aim behind The Flash’s version of Batman’s suit was to create a sleeker rendition of the tactical Bat-suit, with the addition of an armour plate atop the traditional grey attire.

Notably, Batman’s cape in The Flash takes on a bluish hue in contrast to his usual suit seen in Batman v Superman and Justice League.

However, the main drawback of Batman’s costume in The Flash lies in its placement between the traditional Bat-suit and the armoured Bat-suit, making it less distinctive than in previous iterations.

Moreover, it remains unclear why Batman would opt for specialized armour to combat a mere group of robbers. Also, considering his previous encounters, such as battling Doomsday, were done with his regular suit.

The Flash’s visual effects issues also did not contribute positively to the reception of Affleck’s new Batman suit.

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