Best 86 Unique Nicknames Ideas Suitable for Grandma 2020 Update

Best 86 Unique Nicknames Ideas Suitable for Grandma 2020 Update.

The choices are limitless when it comes to giving your grandma unique nicknames! A nickname can be selected for your grandma from any language or race, or from a cooler selection of popular nicknames.

Today, grandmothers have more options than ever when it comes to choosing a name. They can stick to conventional ones.

They may select a name associated with a specific race, nationality, or group of others. we can pick a name more like a cool grandma. We can also make a name for themselves.

Grandmothers have always held a special place in our hearts and you will always be special to her whatever role she plays in your lives! So one of the best ways to show her affection and love is to give her a sweet nickname that fits in with her personality.

Perfect Grandma Names

There’s nothing wrong with a traditional nickname for grandma that’s easy to pronounce and won’t go out of style.

  • Granny or Grannie
  • Gram
  • Grams or Gramms
  • Gramma
  • Grandmama
  • Mother (Last name)
  • Mama (First name or last name)
  • Grandmother
  • Gamma
  • Gammie or Gammy
  • Gam Gam
  • Gran
  • Grana
  • Meemaw
  • Nan
  • Nana
  • Nanny

Most Recent Grandma Names

Most grandmas believe they don’t fit the traditional grandmother’s mould and the following are only a few of the more modern grandma’s names they have adopted.

Such grandma is often younger than normal, often they are cool grandmas, but most often they only want grandma names reflecting their personalities.

80+ Unique Nicknames Ideas Suitable for Grandma

Some try just going by their given name, but someone — a grandchild or other family member — usually ends up bestowing a nickname. The adoption of a cool grandma’s name is something of a trend among baby boomer grandparents.

  • Kitty
  • LaLa
  • MayMay
  • Mia
  • Mimi
  • Nina
  • Pippy or Pippa
  • Teenie or Teeny
  • Abba
  • Amma
  • Babe
  • Bamba or Bama
  • BeBe
  • Bella or Belle
  • Birdy or Birdie
  • Bunny
  • CeeCee or Cici
  • Coco
  • Gabby or Gabbi
  • Gadgy or Gadgi
  • GiGi
  • GoGo or Gogi
  • G-Ma or G-Mom (also spelled Geema or Geemom)
  • Glamma or Glammy
  • Grancy or Grancie

Hippie Grandma Names

Consider a hippie name for her bohemian personality, for the free-spirited, flower child grandmother.

  • DiDi
  • Eemaw
  • Gram Cracker
  • Honey
  • Hopie
  • Lolli (perfect if grandpa is called pop!)
  • Mimzy
  • Bibi
  • Big Mama
  • Bobo
  • Bunny
  • Cookie
  • Cee Cee
  • Cha-Cha
  • Cookie
  • Deeda
  • Momsie
  • MooMaw
  • Sunny
  • Tootsie

80+ Unique Nicknames Ideas Suitable for Grandma

Interesting Nicknames for Grandma

  • Gee Ma (Julie Hagerty’s character’s nickname in Marriage Story)
  • Bibi (Swahili for “grandmother”)
  • Gigi (Ukranian for “grandmother”)
  • Mamacita (Spanish for “little mama”)
  • Mamey
  • Momo
  • Momsy
  • Nooni
  • Ona

Nicknames for Grandma in Other Languages & Dialects

Many grandmas choose names that are preferred by various nationalities or cultures either because the names represent their ethnicity or simply because they like the sound they produce. You don’t have to be Italian to be a Nonna!

80+ Unique Nicknames Ideas Suitable for Grandma

There are several; different terms t grandma in most countries. Others are formal while others are informal. Others are used to refer to a grandma and some are used in direct address terminology. This can be very hard to find out which words the children really use as names to their grandmothers.

In addition, many of these names appear in several variations and spellings, especially if they come from a language that uses a different alphabet. Consider this list as a starting point for doing more research.

  • Cajun — MawMaw
  • Chinese — Zumu or Wai Po
  • Dutch — Grootmoeder
  • Eskimo — Aanaga
  • French — Meme
  • German — Oma
  • Greek — Yaya
  • Hawaiian — Kuku
  • Irish — Maimeo
  • Italian — Nonna
  • Japanese — Obaasan
  • Portuguese — Avó
  • Russian — Babushka
  • Spanish — Abuelita
  • Yiddish — Bubby


Having Multiple Grandparents

Nowadays several children have more than one grandmother. Yes, some have half a dozen, through stepfamily relationships. some families choose to add the name or last name to the grandparent name for grandchildren who have more than one grandmother such as Gramma Jean or Grandma Brown.

Grandparent names can cause tension within the family, so it is worth spending some time thinking about your choice.

Changing Your Grandma Name

If you are a grandma, it advisable you don’t get too attached to the names you are been given. Grandchildren will change your life, and they may just change the name of your carefully selected grandma.

Most grandmas, however, embrace with joy whatever name comes from the lips of their grandchildren.

Occasionally grandmas themselves decide to change their names. That is perfectly acceptable, but if you have been known by a certain appellation for a while, be prepared for others to have some trouble making the switch.

I hope this list of nicknames with a diverse range will surely help you find the right and most adorable one for your grandma.

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