80 Best and Funny Nicknames for Sam Latest 2020 Update

80 Best and Funny Nicknames for Sam Latest 2020 Update.

Do you have difficulties in finding a suitable nickname for Sam? Then we should say that you are in the right page. Take your time and go through this cool list provided below.

Nicknames for Sam

Interestingly, for Samuel, Sameer, Samir, Samson, Samantha, and any name that begins with Sam or has Sam in it, be it male or female, it could be Sam itself is abbreviated.

“In the Holy Bible, Samuel has his background; it means” God heard, “or” Name of God. “Originally in Hebrew, it was shěmū’ē The Greek pronounced it Samuel, and then it was rendered even simpler by the English-Samuel!

Sam’s name is one of the most beloved fictional characters of all time, from books to music, television and the big screen. There is no price to guess that the name has been made one of the most famous and adorable names by this factor.

Best Nicknames for Sam

  • Samsquatch – A weird and creepy Sam that never stops yapping about Ogres, Yetis, and Sasquatch.
  • Samari – The other Sam from Japan.
  • Samwise – A friend that is completely loyal and would go the extra mile for his friends.
  • Samich – Never trust this Sam, he is a snitch.
  • Sammiepoo – His diapers were never dry when he was little.
  • Samshine – The sunshine in everyone’s life.
  • Uncle Sam – Like the U.S. Government.
  • Sam-a-lamb – This Sam is the greatest sheep shearer in town.
  • Samwich – He’ll do anything for a ham and butter sandwich.

Nicknames for Sam

  • Samburger – Sam got knighted with this nickname after getting crowned “staff of the year” at a Burger King.
  • Sammymcslammy – He is a slamming gorgeous Irish boy.
  • Sassee – He’s a sissy, an effeminate Sam in all ramifications.
  • Sambo – A Sam that is as strong and determined as Rambo.
  • Sammy Jammy – He is a jolly good fellow, and everyone loves him.
  • Mcsammer – He stutters but loves talking anyway.
  • Samazing – The Sam that gets everything done, and on time. He is amazing.
  • Awe Sam – He’s the lady’s man.
  • GramSam – An awesome Sam who is a brilliant tennis player. He might win a Grand Slam someday soon.
  • Samu – Clumsy fellow with a large heart and a funny face.
  • Samsung – A very tech-savvy Sam who is also very resourceful at the office.
  • SamSam – A pretty cute Sam with a golden heart.
  • Slam – A fabulous Sam who makes dunking balls in a basket hoop look like child’s play
  • Sambam – A great guy but one who never parts with loose change and never tips.

Cute Nicknames for Sam

What are some cool nicknames you can call a guy named Samuel? Or a Girl named Samantha? The following are cool nicknames you can call someone named Sam:

  • Samiami – Ferocious-looking Latina dude who runs the show in Downtown Miami.
  • Psalms – Nicknamed after the popular Bible chapter.
  • Samarty – Top-class student, the smartest Sam in the city.
  • SamSiam – A Siamese twin successfully separated when he was a toddler.
  • SamThin – A lean and tall Sam.
  • If you need clever Sam usernames or nicknames, you will love these cool Sam nicknames:
  • Sammy plop – Fat Sam weighing quite a lot.
  • Sambankey – You can bank on this Sam with full confidence.
  • Sammy Sprinkler – This is the most generous of all Sams, he sprinkles the greenback like he is spraying his green lawn.
  • Sammie the hammy – Sam and his hamster buddies are inseparable.
  • SamSalon – His barbershop downtown is where all the naughty gist in the neighborhood go down.
  • Samara – Twin brother of Tamara. Both are inseparable friends.
  • Sammoose – He’s no Eskimo, but this Sam is one with the snow.
  • Sammi Q – An exceptionally brilliant Sam with I.Q like Einstein.
  • Samer – Stay far away from this Sam, he is a scammer.
  • Salam – An Arabic word, which means “peace.” Commonly used as a greeting in Arab, and Muslim communities.
  • Sammy Nation – A natural-born leader who expects 100% loyalty.
  • PopSam – This Sam is the karaoke king of pop.
  • Sam Winchester – A fictional character from the Supernatural TV Show. It is a cool nickname for a guy named Samuel. Every time you see him, mess with him by asking “Where is Dean?”
  • Samos – This Sam is a software geek, the brain behind Semos the ICT giant.
  • SammyDaBoss – A very generous boss.
  • Shammy – Sam with very clumsy and unstable fingers.
  • Samstring – Guitars, violins, and every other string instrument are his forte.

Cool Nicknames for Sam

  • Sammy Whammy – This Sam gets the job done – all the time.
  • IceSam – He’s smooth as silk and cool as ice when he talks.
  • Samba – Even better if he or she can do the samba dance.
  • PriamSam – Since he stole the heart of the Prom queen, his friends never stopped calling him PriamSham.
  • SamShard – He almost fell off the 50th floor of the Shard when the iconic building was under construction. A guy with jittery feet.
  • SamTram – He loves magic and illusions to a fault.
  • SamanTEA – A truly cool name for Sam’s new Tea brand.
  • Nicersam – Like Samwise Gamgee and Samwell Tarley, this Sam can give up his life for you. He is a wonderful friend through and through.
  • McDreamySam – Sam gives his Irish people a good name in America.
  • Clever Nicknames for Sam
  • SamSpyder – His phobia for spiders earned him this nickname.
  • Samool – He’s always the coolest guy in class.
  • Samshag – Naughty Sam who sleeps with everything in a skirt.
  • Samrfeeds – Looking for the latest gist in town? Sam’s live feeds have got you covered.
  • Sam the hammer – A forceful guy who gets what he wants by all means necessary.
  • Sambucal – He can be friendly or very combustible, it all depends on how you approach him.
  • Samness – A good guy beyond all measure.
  • Samathy – For a Sam that is a mathematics genius.
  • Samanagram – A smart guy who hides codes and secrets in creative anagrams.
  • Sam the ram – Mom has always said he is stubborn, just like an unrelenting ram.
  • Samneedia – Clever and intelligent, this Sam could be your encyclopedia.
  • Samster – He’s the fastest quarterback in the football team. Everyone thinks he’ll turn out a superstar someday.

Nicknames for Sam

Funny Nicknames for Sam

  • Sham – “Sam, you are Sham.”
  • oSAMa – Funny nickname for Sam. Bonus points if he grows a beard.
  • GoddamSam – This is Gotham City’s finest cop. Is he Batman’s new prodigy?
  • Sam the Sham – Sam the Sham, the American rock and roll singer.
  • Sammy Gaga – For crazy Sam.
  • SAM Alaikum – Hilarious nickname for Sam, culled from the popular Arabic greeting – As-salamu alaykum, which means “Peace be upon you”.
  • Porty Pottie Sam – Sam got this nickname when he bathed himself with his potty while mom made a sandwich in the kitchen. He was three years old then.
  • Samchatty – Want to chat? This Sam is a social media freak and can go all day typing away nonstop.
  • Salsam – There was no better Salsa tutor than Sam the Salsam.
  • Sammae – Pronounced as SAM-HEYYYY!!!
  • Sampoo – Wordplay on Shampoo.

Famous People Named Sam

A common source of good nicknames is famous people and there are a thousand and one Sam, dead and alive, who can be looked at for pet names.

  • Sam Smith – He’s got one of the coolest voices and most enchanting musical lyrics of this generation. This British singer is more refreshing than ice!
  • Sam Allardyce  – Big Sam is a hot-headed soccer coach famous for his touchline banters. West Ham United never had a better manager.
  • Sam Worthington – Born in 1976, this Australian actor was the star in the 2009 mega-blockbuster, Avatar. Other than receiving Australia’s most prestigious film award for his lead role in “Somersault,” this cute dude is a lady’s favorite by all standards.
  • Sam Cooke – Said to own the sexiest tenor voice any adult could ever boast of. This guy can sing and serenade fiery dragons to sleep.
  • Sam Snead – The American professional golf god who teed and swung masterfully for over four decades.

Did we miss any nickname? Add it in the comment section.

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