best non degradable armor runescape

What is the Best Non-Degradable Armor in RuneScape? Ranged & Melee Armor Requirements

Regardless of your preferred play style, Runescape can take you on an incredible journey. 

However, as you face mighty foes, you will require better armor. Everything you need to know about non-biodegradable armor is right here.

In their quest for greatness, Runescape players will encounter sorcerers, knights, and fantastic beasts across the lands of Gielinor.

The Best Non-Degradable Armor for Runescape Melee Players

best non degradable armor runescape

If you prefer to get up close and personal with your adversaries, you’re in for a treat. 

The Anima Core of Zaros armor is recommended. There are several options for obtaining it:

Journey to Gielinor’s Heart (often referred to as the God Wars Dungeon Two)

Increase your defense to at least level 80.

It is created by combining the Dormant Anima Core and the Crest of Zaros.

Best Non-Degradable Armor for Runescape Mage Players

Magical power is always exciting in Runescape, and if you have the Anima Core of Seren armor, you’re virtually unstoppable.

Do you want to wear it? What you can do to get it is as follows:

Journey to Gielinor’s Heart

Put in some effort ahead of time to reach level 80 defense.

To make it, combine the Dormant Anima Core and the Crest of Seren.

The parameters for smithing are the same as for the other armor sets, but to refine the armor, you must have a 2,000 Seren faction reputation.


Different Armor Sets

The armor sets mentioned previously are extremely useful, there are other options to consider. 

These also apply to melee, ranged, and magical attacks.

The Bandos, Armadyl, and Subjugation armor from the first God Wars Dungeon are recommended. This is what you need to do for Bandos armor:

In the God Wars Dungeon, defeat General Graardor and his bodyguards.

Pick it up after they’ve died and dropped it

Defense can be upgraded to level 65.

Armadyl armor is excellent for ranged players and can be obtained in the same way:

Destroy General Kree’arra and his three henchmen.

Pick up the armor after they die.

The leveling up ranged from level 1 to level 70.

Increase your defense to level 70.

Finally, Subjugation armor is an excellent choice for magic players. You’ll have to fight another boss to get it, but if you’ve already slayed the God Wars Dungeon, it should be a piece of cake:

In the God Wars Dungeon, defeat K’ril Tsutsaroth and his bodyguards.

After they’ve been killed, pick up the armor set.

Increase your defense to level 70.


You’ll frequently find yourself in the thick of battle, relying on your armor for vital protection. However, most Runescape armors and weapons degrade quickly after repeated use.

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