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Violent Images Sent to Victim’s Family a Form of “Psychological Terrorism,” Expert Says

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This article is about Bianca Devins, who was murdered in Utica by a friend. Please continue reading to learn more about her death.

Bianca’s Assassination

Brandon Andrew Clark murdered Bianca Michelle Devins on July 14, 2019, after allegedly seeing her kiss another man.

According to police reports, the murder was premeditated.

Clark was charged with second-degree murder after a failed suicide attempt.

He later pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to 25 to life in prison.

However, according to police reports, Clark and Devins were in an intimate relationship, though the two perceived it differently.

Devins’ sister referred to him as a close family friend, though Devins stated in a chat log that she didn’t remember his name.

And had to “search it up” in their Discord chat history before their meeting, while others suspected him of being exploitative.

On social media, people referred to him as an incel.

The murder of Devins drew a lot of attention in the media and on social media.

Inaccuracies marred initial reports.

Clark took photos of her body and shared them widely online, eliciting both mockery and sympathy.

They criticized the responses of social media companies, prompting the introduction of legislation.

Commentators have discussed the crime’s one-of-a-kind nature and its relationship to the structure of social media.

Bianca and the Assailant

Bianca Michelle Devins, also known as Bianca Ahren, and Brandon Andrew Clark are thought to have met on Instagram in April 2019.

after Clark began following her on the social media platform.

They were friendly, though Devins’ mother, Kimberly Devins, believed Clark “wanted more.”

Devins told her mother she did not want to date Clark.

The police described their friendship as “personally intimate,” but friends and family disagreed.

Devins’ sister referred to him as a trusted family friend.

However, one of Devins’s friends suspected him of sexually exploiting her while they were high on drugs.

Which he allegedly supplied to Devins in order to spend time with her.

The Discovery of Biancas’ Death

Clark, stabbed Bianca Devins in his car as they were driving home from a concert in Queens, a borough of New York City, in July 2019.

He posted graphic images of Bianca’s body on platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram.

As well as a Discord server used by her friends, to document the attack.

Moreover, friends initially suspected it was a hoax because it was common for people on the platform to post disturbing images in order to elicit a reaction from others.

Brandon Clark, who had been out with Bianca the night she died, called 911 and changed his mind.

Clark told the dispatcher where they could find him before hanging up: a dead-end road near Bianca’s house.

Furthermore, he attempted suicide after the murder, but he was saved.

In March of this year, he was prosecuted and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Officers on the scene arrested Clark and discovered Bianca’s body hidden beneath a tarp.

Someone had already texted the horrific photo to Kim Devins’ family by the time police arrived.

The Sex and Murder Videos of Bianca

Kimberley Devins has stated that she continues to receive online abuse and graphic images of her daughter’s body from trolls.

Clark had also recorded videos of the murder, it was revealed after his arrest.

According to the lawsuit, dashboard footage showed him having sex with the 17-year-old before stabbing her to death in a “jealous rage” after accusing her of infidelity.

However, trolls relentlessly sent the images to her family, along with cruel memes and hateful messages blaming Bianca for what happened.

Kimberly Devins had long feared that the footage would be made public, and according to her lawsuit.

She sought assurances from Oneida County prosecutors that the material would be kept private.

According to the lawsuit, two documentary filmmakers that the district attorney’s office had shared with them the sex and murder videos.

As well as nude photographs from her daughter’s phone later informed her.

Reports and Commentary on the News

By July 15, the story had broken into the mainstream and was being reported all over the world, making it the most publicized case of social media documenting a murder.

According to Elizabeth Doran of the Post-Standard, the case is more closely related to “the well-worn story…of abusive male partners.”

The crime has been discussed as a case of toxic masculinity causing domestic violence against women.

Some viewed as relevant in the context of Devins’ death misogyny.

However, Harvard University’s Evelyn Douek drew parallels between the sharing of Devin’s photos and the sharing of videos related to the Christchurch shooting.

Clark’s actions in the aftermath of Devins’ death have been interpreted as a display of power, including by Kim Devins.

In addition, Alison Marganski, director of criminology, speculated that Clark’s behavior fits the profile of other violent male offenders and that he felt emasculated and wanted to demonstrate his strength.

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1. At what Age did Bianca Devins Die?

She was 17 years old when she died

2. What Caused her Death?

She was stabbed

3. Who Murdered Bianca Devins?

Brandon Andrew Clark  Murdered Bianca

4. How Old was Andrew when he Murdered Bianca

He was 21 years old when he murdered Bianca

5. How did Brandon and Bianca Meet?

They met on social media

6. Which Year was Bianca Devins Murdered?

She was murdered in the year 2019

7. Who Called 911?

Brandon called the 911

8. What is Bianca’s Mother’s Name

Kimberley Devins is her mother’s name

9. Who Posted the Images of Bianca’s Body on Social Media?

Brandon posted the images of Bianca’s body on social media

10. Where was Bianca when she was Stabbed?

She was in Brandon’s car they were coming back from a concert in Queens, a borough of New York City.

In the aftermath of Bianca Devins’ murder, images Clark posted of her body went viral on social media. Because of the public nature of her murder, both her and her killer’s Instagram accounts grew rapidly, with impersonators.

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