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Big Mike Unpolished Net Worth (2022)

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If you’ve seen TLC’s Unpolished, you’re definitely familiar with Bria and Lexi Martone. However, their father, Big Mike Martone, gradually grabbed the show and took center stage. Is Big Mike’s net worth greater than that of his daughters? Let us investigate.

Who Is “Big Mike” the Unpolished Patriarch

Before TLC’s Unpolished aired, the Martone family and their Long Island shop were already well-known for their excellent nail art.  Mike Martone, in addition to being a father and the guy behind it all, has had a profitable plumbing firm since 1983. 

He owned numerous properties and made certain that whenever there was a plumbing problem at the salon, he was there to fix it for the females.

The Death of Big Mike

Sadly, the loving father, husband, and Unpolished celebrity died in May 2020. The official cause of death has not been disclosed. 

Big Mike featured only in Unpolished season 1 and was not a reality star, but he stole everyone’s heart, and the news crushed Unpolished fans’ hearts. 

His death occurred just a few months before his daughter Bria planned to marry her fiancé Mathew Mancuso. Despite the fact that Lexi never authorized Bria’s fiance, the couple wedded in 2020.

Big Mike’s Approximate Net Worth

Mike operated a plumbing company, but it is difficult to evaluate his net worth. Because Martones is a family-run business, the Martone family’s net worth is believed to be over $3 million. 

The show depicts them living in a fancy mansion, driving expensive automobiles, and maintaining a specific lifestyle that demonstrates their nail business is doing well.

How the Martone Sisters Made Their Fortune

Salon on Long Island Martone rose to prominence because to the remarkable sisters Lexi and Bria. Lexi Martone is a superstar nail artist, and Bria is a cosmetic artist and hairstylist, so they provide everything a girl could possibly need to shine. 

Their talent, paired with their hectic schedules and the rest of the amusing Martone family, was a great combination that contributed to Unpolished’s success. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a peek at this video to get a taste of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much is the family on Unpolished worth?

The net worth of the Martone family is estimated to be between $1 million to $5 million.

  1. How much is Bria Worth?

$3 million

       3.How much is a Set of Lexi Martone Nails?

Nail art by Lexi Martone costs at least $100.

  1. What Happened to Big Mike on the Show Unpolished?

He passed away in the spring of 2020. The Martone family patriarch and the longtime plumber died in May of 2020. TLC confirmed the news in a statement.

  1. What is Lexi Martone doing now?

Lexi is a nail artist who co-owns a beauty salon in New York. Her and her sister Bri took over the Salone Martone after their father died in May 2020, as he was the hairdresser’s owner and manager.

  1. What does Matt Mancuso do for a Living?

Matt is working two jobs currently. Aside from his construction job, Matt also works as an Area Sales Manager at HILO Equipment & Services. 

  1. What did Mike Martone do for a Living?

The Martone family patriarch Mike, was a longtime plumber. The reality television star passed away in May of 2020. TLC later confirmed the news, when they tweeted, “TLC is incredibly saddened at the passing of ‘Big Mike’ Martone, beloved father, grandfather, and patriarch of the Martone family.

  1. Is Lexi Martone still with Joe?

‘Unpolished’ Star Lexi Martone and Joe Fraumeni Have Officially Split

        9. How Old is Foxy in Unpolished?

77 years old

        10. Is Bria Martone still Married?

Yes they are

Although Big Mike was not a nail artist, he was a businessman who saw a brilliant idea and the potential to earn a fortune. That is why his decision to support the girls as a business partner as well as a father was critical.


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