bing bong original video

Bing Bong TikTok Trend Explained: NYC Subway Jingle Goes Viral

TikTok’s “Bing Bong” is going viral thanks to Instagram stars “Sidetalk,” whose one-minute videos provide hilarious audio for people to act out to.

bing bong original video

Over the last month, TikTok has been overrun with a single two-note sound, a simple “Bing Bong.” It’s just a bell one that New Yorkers are familiar with from the subway but it’s now all over the platform.

“Sidetalk,” a street show created by Jack Byrne and Trent Simonian in New York City

While there are dozens of different one-minute clips of the city that never sleeps, they are all linked together by the same “Bing Bong” jingle at the beginning.

Where is the Bing Bong Original Video From?

If you’re from New York City, chances are you’ve heard the signature Sidetalk “bing bong” sound for years before they went viral. 

The reason for this is that it is the exact sound made by MTA trains. Which is to alert riders to stand clear of the door.

The “bing bong” sound has been a part of the Sidetalk intro since 2019, but it has only recently gone viral on social media

The sound was first heard in a Sidetalk episode by Brooklyn-based rapper Nems, who said it during April 10, 2021, episode titled “Coney Island’s Finest.”



Fortunately for Sidetalk, having TikTok videos become viral has greatly increased their social media presence. 

In less than a month, they went from having a few hundred thousand TikTok followers to having over 3.5 million. They also had a comparable increase in popularity on YouTube and Instagram.

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