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Kritika Rawat, Tarini : Know all about CDS Bipin Rawat’s daughters, family

-Bipin Rawat Daughters-

General Bipin Rawat (March 16, 1958 – December 8, 2021) was an Indian military officer

And four-star general in the Indian Army.

From January 2020 until he died in a helicopter crash in December 2021.

He was the first Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) of the Indian Armed Forces.

He was also  the 57th Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee (Chairman COSC) of the Indian Armed Forces

And the 26th Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) of the Indian Army before becoming the CDS.

Military Service of Bipin Rawat

However, On December 16, 1978, Rawat was commissioned into the 5th battalion.

The 11 Gorkha Rifles (5/11 GR), the same unit as his father.

Captain Rawat’s battalion was deployed against the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

During the Sino-Indian skirmish in the Sumdorong Chu valley in 1987.

The standoff was the first military clash along the disputed McMahon Line since the 1962 war.

Moreover, he was well-versed in high-altitude warfare, having spent ten years conducting counter-insurgency operations.

As a Major, he commanded a company in Uri, Jammu, and Kashmir.

He also commanded the 5th battalion, the 11 Gorkha Rifles

In the eastern sector along the Line of Actual Control at Kibithu as a Colonel.

He was promoted to Brigadier and commanded 5 Sector.

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Bipin Rawat’s Burial 

Gen Bipin Rawat was India’s first Chief of Defence Staff (CDS)

Madhulika Rawat, his wife, was also cremated with full military honors at the Brar Square crematorium in Delhi Cantonment.

Tarini and Kritika, the couple’s two daughters, performed traditional rituals at their home before the funeral procession began around 2.20 p.m.

Kritika is the eldest daughter, a married woman with a son who lives in Mumbai.

In addition, Tarini, the younger sibling, is an advocate who used to live with her parents in the national capital.

Bipin Rawat Daughters and Wife

Bipin Rawat’s maternal village is in Uttarkashi, which he visited last year.

Madhulika Rawat, the wife of General Bipin Rawat, was the daughter of the royal family of Sohagpur.

In Madhya Pradesh’s Shahdol district. Kunwar Mrigender Singh was her father’s name.

However, Madhulika was the President of AWWA (Army Wives Welfare Association).

One of India’s largest NGOs is dedicated to the welfare of army wives, children, and dependents.

She had previously worked in several welfare programs.

And campaigns that aided Veer Naris (Army widows), cancer patients, and differently abled children.

Madhulika completed her studies in Delhi and earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Delhi University.

Moreover, Her family is currently residing in the ancestral residence ‘Rajabagh’ in the Shahdol district headquarters.

Rawat’s Brother-In-Law

Yash Vardhan Singh, Rawat’s brother-in-law, said the late General promised to visit Shahdol in January 2022

And also, has to take steps to establish a ‘Sainik school’ in the district.

The couple was cremated on a common pyre, and they will scatter their ashes in Haridwar, he said.

“Gen Rawat and his sister both died on the same pyre.”

“We will pick up the ashes in a ‘kalash’ early tomorrow morning and travel to Haridwar.

“The ashes were immersed in the holy Ganga there, and rituals be were performed,” Singh told PTI.

His Village

Rawat was a native of Uttarakhand, last visited his hometown of Pauri in 2018

And he also had plans to build a house there after retirement, according to his uncle Bharat Singh Rawat.

For four generations, Rawat’s family has served in the Indian Army.

Jaipur-based “I had spoken to him before he went to Tamil Nadu to attend the function at Wellington,” said Vijay,

Gen Rawat’s younger brother attended the tri-services ceremony in Delhi. “I never imagined fate would take him from us,” he said.

According to Bharat Singh Rawat, the general was attached to his village

And had promised to do something for the community after retiring.

However, the General used to call him and had plans to visit the village in April of next year.

Only the general’s family lives in Saina village, Dwarikhal block.

Gen. Rawat and his wife were killed in a helicopter crash in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, along with 11 other people.

Around 800 service members turned out for their CDS military funeral.


1. Is Bipin Rawat Really Dead?

Yes, he is dead

2. What Caused his Death?

He died in a helicopter crash

3. When did he Die?

He died on December 8, 2021

4. Does Bipin Rawat have Children? 

Yes, he has

5. Does he have a Wife?

Yes, he has

6. What is his Wife’s Name?

His wife’s name is Madhulika Rawat

7. Where is Bipin Rawat’s Wife from?

She is from Madhya Pradesh

8. What is his Younger Child’s Name?

Tarini is the name of the younger child

9. What is Bipin Rawat Line of Work?

Indian military officer

10. Bipin Rawat is a Native of?

He is a native of Uttarakhand

In Delhi’s Brar Square crematorium, they lay General Bipin Rawat and his wife Madhulika Rawat to rest.

Kritika Rawat and Tarini Rawat, their two daughters, performed their parents’ final rites.

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