bonsly legends arceus

Where to Find Bonsly in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Bonsly is a Rock-type Pokemon from the Pokemon Legends series. If you want to know wherer and how to find it, keep reading.

bonsly legends arceus

Where to Find Bonsly in Pokemon Legend

You can find a Bonsly in both the Crimson Mirelands and the Coronet Highlands. 

However, you must know where to look and what to do! The first Bonsly spawn occurs in the Crimson Mirelands near Cloudpool Ridge. 

The precise coordinates are south of Cloudpool Ridge and west of Diamond Heath. There will only be one Bonsly spawning there, assuming there is one at all. 

If you can’t find a Bonsly, quickly return to Jubilife Village and return to the location shown on the map below to reset the spawns.

Bonsly can be found in the Coronet Highlands, but this one is a little more difficult.

Shake moving rocks or ore deposits in the area between Sacred Plaza and Celestica Ruins for a chance to see Bonsly!

How to Evolve Bonsly into Sudowoodo 

Bonsly is one of the few Pokemon species that must know a specific move in order to evolve.

Bonsly must know the move Mimic, which it learns at Level 29, in order to evolve into Sudowoodo.

Keep it in your party while exploring, catching, and battling, and it will quickly level up.

When your Bonsly reaches Level 29, equip Mimic and you’ll be able to evolve it by selecting it from the Satchel menu. When it’s ready, the Poke Ball next to it will start flashing.



Legendary Pokemon Arceus’ world is quite large, and because Pokemon spawns are randomized, some will always be more difficult to find than others.

The small, tree-like Bonsly is one of these Pokemon. This Rock-Type baby Pokemon is actually a lot harder to find than its evolved form Sudowoodo

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