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Brittanya Razavi Bio: Age, Real Name, Merch, Jailed, Movies

– Brittanya Razvai –

Brittanya Razavi, often known as Brittanya187, is a popular American model and television personality. She has built her brand through her online presence. Read on to learn more about her.

Biography of Brittanya Razva

Brittanya O’Campo, the model, was born on July 7, 1985. Brittanya’s nationality is unknown. She was born in Mexico to Mexican parents.

She is the youngest of four siblings, all of whom were raised in Oxnard, California. Her childhood and upbringing were fine until things went wrong.

Her father, the breadwinner, was sentenced to prison when she was 15 years old. Because of the ordeal, their mother became their main breadwinner.

Razavi ultimately got a job at an early age. There hasn’t been much information about the schools she attended in terms of schooling.

Though unsubstantiated, it is said that the model attended a private school.

Marital Life

The businesswoman married Lucky Moe Razavi, whom she met in 2009. They later married, and she changed her surname to Razavi.

Cash King, born in 2011, and Legend King, born in 2012, are the couple’s two children. There have been rumors that she is the mother of five children, although she has never verified this.

Brittanya, where are you now? Her family and she lives in Los Angeles, California.

Career of Brittanya Razva

She has built a successful career in acting, modeling, and business. Her endearing personality and strong personality have made her well-known on social media sites.

There is no doubt that this approach offers several income streams. Careers in acting and modeling The entrepreneur’s cinematic career began while she was in her early twenties.

What are the films of Brittanya Razavi? Her first on-screen appearance was on the VH1 reality show Rock of Love Bus.

It revolves around the search for the ideal romantic partner for legendary Poison band singer Bret Michaels. Her time on the show, however, was cut short when she was removed.

She had another TV opportunity after her breakthrough performance on Rock of Love Bus. She was cast in Charm School, another VH1 reality show.

The show focused on teaching ladies proper etiquette, with the winner receiving a $100,000 prize. Unfortunately, the model was not able to repeat as champion because she was also ousted from the show.

She also appeared in the comedy-drama film Dysfunctional Friends in 2012. The actress’s breakthrough on the big screen appeared to open up new opportunities for her in modeling.

Her modeling career included grace magazine covers. Obscene Magazine, Spire Magazine, and MMA Sports Magazine are among them.

Influence on social media and entrepreneurship The actress has a sizable social media following.


At the age of 25, the model spent six months in the Ventura County Jail in California. She was imprisoned because she was enraged and attacked and harmed a woman.

The woman had sutures as a result of the event. In 2020, she appeared on the episode Botched. She began to notice her butt implants becoming bigger and harder.

The problem, according to the doctors, was the usage of hydrogel injections. They also advised her not to get rid of it because it would cause further issues.

She listened to them in order to keep her media image intact.


FAQs on Brittanya Razvai 

1. How Old is Brittanya Razvai?

She is 37 years old

2. Is she Married?

Yes, she is married

3. Does she have Kids?

Yes, she has kids

4. What is the Name of her Husband?

Lucky Moe Razavi is the name of her husband

5. Where was she born?

She was born in Mexico

6. Is she on Instagram?

Yes she is on Instagram

7. What is her Instagram Handle?

@imbrittanya is her Instagram handle

8. Does she have a Facebook Account?

Yes, she has

9. Is it True her father went to Jail?

Yes, it is true

10. How Old was she when her Father was Sent to Jail?

She was fifteen years old

She is the CEO of a well-known internet retailer. Her endearing personality and strong personality have made her well-known on social media sites. There is no doubt that this approach offers several income streams.

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