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Candy Montgomery Story and Where is She Now?

The subject of this article is Candy Montgomery, who was charged with the murder of Betty Gore. To learn more about her, keep reading.

Who is Candy Montgomery

American homemaker Candy Montogomery, also known as Candace Wheeler. 

She was charged with killing Betty Gore, the lover’s wife. She used a 3-foot ax to attack Gore 41 times. 

The aforementioned incident occurred on June 13, 1980, in Whylie, Texas.

Candy was 30 years old when the incident occurred. Pat Montgomery, an electrical engineer, was her husband. 

She was the mother of a daughter and a son. She attended the First United Methodist Church of Lucas on a regular basis, just like any other Christian wife.

The Murder of Betty Gore

Lester Gaylor and Richard Parker, two of Betty Gore’s neighbors, discovered the deceased elementary school teacher. 

In the Texas House, she shared with her husband and kids, that her body was discovered with 41 ax wounds. 

Betty Gore and Candy became great friends after they met at a church event. 

She shared a home with her husband Allan, two children, and Candy, with whom she had an adulterous relationship.

When Gore’s husband Allan was away, everything turned sour. He asked the neighbors to get in touch with his wife when he was unable to reach her. 

They broke down the door of the house, but it was already too late.

Candy Enters a Plea of Self-Defense

In October 1980, Candy Montgomery’s trial got underway, and she admitted to killing Betty Gore while claiming that she had been acting in self-defense. 

Eight days of the trial were spent in McKinney, and the jury was made up of nine women and three males.

If we go back to the day of the crime, it all began when Candy offered to transport Alisa, Betty’s older daughter, to her swing lesson the next day after she spent the night at the Montgomery residence. 

The two spouses got into a fight over Candy’s involvement with Allan when she came by the Gore home to pick up Alisa’s bikini.

Robert Udashen, Candy’s defense attorney, contended in court that Betty had taken out an insurance policy before the altercation.

Robert Udashen, Candy’s defense counsel, alleged in court that Betty assaulted Candy with an axe on the day of the encounter. 

Candy prevailed in this struggle and overcharged Betty, killing her.

However, it was discovered after the autopsy that Betty had received some axe wounds while she was asleep. 

Betty also stated that she was forced to use an ax because Gore had just attempted to strike her with the same tool moments earlier. 

Prior to the trial, Montgomery underwent a polygraph examination, which revealed that she was telling the truth.

District attorney Tom O’Connell, however, made a compelling case that she could have left the area. 

He argued that the case did not qualify as self-defense since the number of attacks 41 was out of proportion.

Where is Candy Montgomery Now?

Candy was questioned about the rationale for her adulterous affair while having a successful family. 

She claimed the relationship with Allan was not an emotional one. All she wanted was to jolt her “very boring” marriage to Pat. 

She added that they intended to keep their separate husbands as their spouses.

Candy might be found not guilty, but she would always feel guilty. She now works as a therapist for adults and teenagers under the name Candace Wheeler. 

She and her husband got divorced following the trial, and Pat relocated to Georgia

Candy is still a Texas resident, according to reputable sources.

About the Upcoming Series

Reporters John Bloom and Jim Atkinson were the first to follow the case, and they wrote a thorough book about it in 1984 called “Evidence of Love: A True Story of Passion and Death in the Suburbs.

This terrifying story is rendered in a “sepia-toned” manner by Candy on Hulu. 

Candy is portrayed by Jessica Biel, and Betty Gore is portrayed by Melanie Lynskey. 

After more than forty years, the series will revisit the incident.

On May 9, 2022, Candy will premiere. Michael Uppendahi, the director of Candy and Mad Men, said, “I alter my approach to material based on everything that I do. 

Regardless of whether it is true or not, everything is different. It compels you to use different muscles or build up new ones that are lacking.

On the other side, Elizabeth Olsen plays Candy Montgomery in the limited series HBO Max’s Love and Death. 

The series was created by Kelley and is based on a group of articles with the same title that were published in Texas Monthly (“Love & Death in Silicon


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Happened to the Real Candy Montgomery?

Following the trial, Candy Montogomery, her husband Pat, and their children left Texas in 1980 and moved to Georgia. 

2. Is Candy Montgomery a True Story?


3. Is Candy still Alive?


4. Is Candy still Married to Pat?


5. What Happened to Candy Montgomery’s Kids?

All we know, per the Daily Mail, is that Montgomery and her kids left Texas and relocated to Georgia.

6. What True Story is Candy Based on?

Candy is based on the tragic true story of the murder of Betty Gore

7. What is Candy Montgomery’s New Name?

Montgomery dropped her married name and now goes by Candy Wheeler, her maiden name

8. Was Candy Ever Convicted?

The accused killer-housewife from Hulu’s ‘Candy’ really was acquitted after striking her lover’s wife with an ax 41 timesconvicted

The two programs are centered on Betty Gore’s murder. The main suspect in the horrible murder of this schoolteacher was Candy Montgomery.

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