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Chanel muse Lily Newmark: “I’m not a model-turned-actor. I’m a full-on actor”

– Lily Newmark –

The ‘Pin Cushion’ star Lily Newmark, clears the air about her meteoric rise to fame. To find out what she said, read along.

Lily Newmark has the kind of striking features that don’t go unnoticed by model scouts for long, with her almond eyes, russet hair, and bee-stung lips. They did not.

When London-born Newmark was still enrolled at East 15 Acting School, she was appearing in a music video when she first caught the attention of the fashion industry.

She was soon getting casting calls for editorials, including Vice’s wonderfully oblique ‘Ginger Girls Wearing Hats,’ and rubbing shoulders with Chanel as the face of its Chance fragrance. “Modeling was never something I thought about,” she says. “It happened completely unexpectedly while I was training to be an actor.”

Part-time jobs are difficult to come by for students, but fashion shoots take place on weekends, so I asked my boss, of course, if I could do it on the side. It was extremely beneficial in teaching me how to perform in front of a camera.”

Is Lily Newmark an Actress or a Model?

But don’t get it twisted: Newmark is first and foremost an actress. “I’m such a huge fashion fan. I wouldn’t say modeling has hampered my career, but many people are unaware that I’ve always been an actor. I’m not a slash at all. “I’m a full-fledged actor,” she declares passionately.

“I want to do away with the term model-turned-actor.'” That’s not arrogant; it’s just that it took a lot of effort for me to train at drama school.”

There has always been a connection between Newmark’s two professions – many of her modeling gigs have come as a result of roles she has played onscreen.

This is how she got the Chanel campaign: “They saw me at the Venice Film Festival and decided to contact me.” I’ll never forget the beautiful week I spent shooting the video with an amazing team.”

Chanel spotted Newmark at the world premiere of the explosive indie Pin Cushion, which opens in UK theaters this week.

Lily Newmark Debut Movies

The actress makes her feature film debut as Iona, a misfit teen who switches schools and falls in with the cool kids.

This group, collectively referred to as “the girls,” holds out the prospect of friendship with Iona while undermining, slut-shaming, and peer-pressuring her.

The gauzy, ethereal visuals of Pin Cushion largely obscure its anti-bullying message, which is a deliberate ploy by director Deborah Haywood to encourage audiences to digest this taboo.

Her didacticism, on the other hand, shines through in the sound design, where the girls’ verbal attacks dissolve into howling wolves to echo their pack mentality. Haywood captures the dynamics of adolescence so well that you can’t help but be transported back in time.

How did Newmark, a Self-described Outcast, Feel about Revisiting her Adolescence?

“Deb [Haywood] and I had similar bad school experiences, which drew me to the script.”

“My Pin Cushion character is exactly like me; it felt autobiographical,” she admits. “At times it was traumatic, but it was a very safe, kitten-filled environment.”

Deb was like my mother; we drank a lot of tea and used hot water bottles. Pin Cushion was very female-heavy and female-centric, and it was great to see more underrepresented demographics working behind the camera, as it’s usually white heterosexual males at the start.”

Iona, from Newmark, could have benefited greatly from such a system.

In one particularly disturbing scene from Pin Cushion, she reluctantly submits to jeers of “Get your tits out for the lads!”

Only to have her naked picture circulated throughout the entire school. When I mention this sequence, Newmark admits, “I don’t trust Apple.”

“Deleted photos on iPhones are saved in a separate folder and are not actually deleted.” Once they’re in the Cloud, you have no control over them.”

Her advice to young people coerced into sending nude photos is to “be aware of the internet and its power.”

Lily Newmark Age

These remarks are consistent with Newmark’s charitable work. She supports anti-bullying organizations, animal rights, and domestic-abuse prevention, but she is quick to add, “I don’t want to be an activist for a hashtag trend.”

“I don’t do it for the sake of image; it’s personal to me,” she says.

“My family’s charity [A Partner in Education, which is currently raising funds to build a school in Rwanda] is the cause closest to my heart.”

I’ve known the children since they were infants. My top priority is for them to grow and get a better education.” Newmark is frustrated by the deception of social-media activism.

“I decided to take a risk recently and ask for £20,000 to help finish this Rwandan school,” she says.

“I received £400, which was still incredible, but if all of my followers had given a pound, we would have met our goal.”

who is Lily Newmark’s Boyfriend?

I wasn’t looking for compliments when I made this post. People are quick to admire but slow to act.”

A quick glance at Newmark’s IMDb page reveals that she applies this go-getter attitude to her career. In 2018, the newcomer has nine projects lined up, including roles in the BBC miniseries Les Misérables alongside Olivia Colman and Lily Collins, and the romantic comedy Juliet, Naked with Rose Byrne, and Ethan Hawke.

Newmark also made an appearance in Solo, the latest installment of the Star Wars franchise. “I didn’t know what it was,” she admits. “Even after I got the part, they took away the script every day.”

I assumed it was an Oliver Twist spin-off because it was very period.” Given her one-to-watch status, how does Newmark choose which projects to work on?

“I haven’t turned anything down yet,” she admits. “I’m a yes person; I don’t turn down new experiences.”

The actress will be busy promoting these new films for the next few months, but she hopes to land a role in a musical soon. (“I wouldn’t call myself a good singer, but I’m enthusiastic.”)

Lily Newmark isn’t a model-turned-actor, but she’s certainly making waves in Hollywood.



1. Who is Lily Newmark?

Lily Inge Newmark is a former model and actress. She is best known for her performance as Iona in the film Pin Cushion (2017)

2. How Old is Lily Newmark

27 years

3. Where is Lily Newmark From?

Camberwell, London, United Kingdom


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