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Charli D’Amelio & Chase Hudson “Leaked” Photos Spark Controversy Among Fans

A series of photos of TikTok stars Charli D’Amelio and Chase Hudson hugging and kissing have gone viral on social media, sparking speculation that the couple is back together as well as debate over the source of the photos.

Charli and Chase

Charli and Chase, also known as ‘Lil Huddy,’ have been in a relationship on and off since 2019. 

The couple broke up in March 2020, following rumors of Chase’s infidelity.

Keeping their relationship private has been nearly impossible for two of the TikTok’s biggest stars, and they’ve been reminded of this once again, as a set of photos leaked on various TikTok ‘tea’ pages, which post drama and gossip about the stars.


The Leaked Photos

The origin of the photos and their age are unknown, leading fans to believe that they were leaked without the permission of the two young celebrities.

While the images are sure to spark speculation, both Charli and Chase have remained silent on the subject, while fans have asked that people not make assumptions based on the images.

On December 28, the hashtags ‘#textsforcharli’ and ‘#textsforchase’ were trending on Twitter as fans tried to support them, fearing that the invasion of privacy would harm them.

Neither of the Instagram pages that posted the images confirmed their source or the age of the images, implying that they could be months old.

While some fans were outraged by the photos, it’s clear that for such famous people, obtaining privacy will be nearly impossible. 

Others are happy to see the pair together again, hoping that it means they have reunited.


Fans will now be hoping for a response from Charli or Chase regarding the leaked images, but they may choose to ignore it entirely and wait for the rumors and excitement to die down before addressing anything.

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