charli d'amelio twerking

Charli D’Amelio Hits Back After ‘Twerking’ Controversy at Party

Charli D’Amelio, a TikTok star, has been defended by legions of fans after video emerged of her twerking at a Fourth of July party on Sunday night.

On July 5, social media erupted with footage taken from City Girls’ JT’s Instagram story, which showed Charli D’Amelio twerking at a party allegedly attended by Lil Uzi and Beyoncé.

Comments on Twitter and TikTok criticized 17-year-old Charli for engaging in such behavior, owing in part to her young audience.

Moreover, others were wondering how she got into a nightclub in the first place.

Fans rushed to D’Amelio’s defense, with some claiming that her older sister and parents were present at the event. However, others said that the star has the right to enjoy herself like everyone else.

However, fellow TikToker Noah Beck was quick to defend Charli, explaining that she was not at a club but rather at a house party hosted by a mutual friend.

Charli posted a series of photos from the evening to her Instagram account on July 5, many of which showed her posing with friends and family.

However, the final photo showed the TikToker breaking it down on the dance floor.

charli d'amelio twerking

Some Fans Comments

“Charli is having a typical adolescent experience. Let her be, I’ve been shaking my a** since I was six years old “On Twitter, @Chasehatebot wrote:

“‘charli damelio’s 17 twerking on grown a** ppl’ YALL THAT’S LITERALLY HER SISTER BEHIND HER,” said @braddisonlmao.

“The girl can’t go to a damn party and have a good time without y’all complaining,” @CAaRrtier tweeted.

“It’s the end of the world because she’s twerking on her sister. Leave the poor lady alone; she’s obviously safe because her sister and parents are present.”

D’Amelio is also being defended. @ilymaars stated: “Why is Charli being chastised for twerking when other teenagers her age are twerking? 

The only question here is why she’s in the club when she’s not even an adult.”



As the brief video clip spread on Twitter, some critics questioned why the teenager was partying with adults at the gathering, but some fans defended her.

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