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Top 15 Cheapest Land in The World (The Land Prices)

There are numerous factors that influence land prices all over the world. Because land prices in major cities are exorbitant, many people prefer to buy land for agricultural purposes.

Top 15 Cheapest Land in The World

1. Spain

Spain is one of the European countries with the cheapest land. 

The average monthly cost of living in Spain is around €900, which includes rent, utility services, meals, and even drinks. However, prices vary depending on location. 

For example, if you plan to rent a large home and dine every evening in the Capital or other famous areas, it will cost you more than other cheaper areas.

2. Bolivia

Bolivia has the cheapest land per acre in the world due to its lack of development. 

Residential property prices in Bolivia are significantly lower than in the rest of Southern America. 

For around $50,000, one can find houses and condos with one or two bedrooms. 

In town, slightly larger houses with more than one bedroom are available for less than $100,000.

3. Portugal

Portugal is the most ancient country in Europe. Portugal’s land prices are extremely low. 

A Portuguese earns an average monthly salary of €910 because the Portuguese government’s minimum wage is only €635 per month.

According to a WEF (World Economic Forum) report, Portugal ranks 34th on the economic index.

4. Paraguay

Between Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia, Paraguay is a remote country with sweeping swamps, forests, and shrubland. 

If you want to buy agricultural land, Paraguay is the best place to look because land prices are very low. 

In all likelihood, an estate can be found for between $25 and $600 per hectare.

5. Russia

Agricultural land prices in Russia are much lower than in the Eurozone, owing to lower demand. 

Even in major cities like Moscow, daily food and utility bills are reasonably priced.

Food prices and transportation costs are even lower in areas outside of major metropolitan areas. The like-to-like cost in the United States is estimated to be 3.4 times that of Russia.

6. Canada

Affordably priced agricultural land is available in Canada. Land can be found in many uninhabited areas of Canada; in fact, many Canadian cities gave away land for free a few years ago.

7. Greece

After experiencing an economic crisis in recent years, Greece’s economy is experiencing some growth. 

Greece is a developed European country with a single parliamentary republic. 

Greece is well-known for its mythical figures and ancient history. It has a high Human Development Index and high quality of life.


8. The United States

Depending on the location, it is possible to find cheap land in the United States. 

The United States is the world’s largest economy, with high standards of living, healthcare, and higher education.

There are many low-cost states in the United States, such as Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Georgia, and Alabama, where the cost of living is lower than in other cities.

9. Australia

If you are looking for unused farmland, you will almost certainly find it in Australia

Residential house prices in Australia are high, but they can be purchased at low prices in some areas due to the abundance of unused land. 

Prices are lower outside of major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra.

10. Ireland

Even after the recent increase in land prices, agricultural land prices in Ireland remain relatively low. 

The island of Ireland is divided into two parts: the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. 

Ireland is Europe’s second-most populous country after the United Kingdom.

11. Marne, Lowa

Marne, Iowa, has a population of about 120 people and is located between Des Moines and Omaha. 

However, Marne is a farming community with an old-fashioned feel, is giving away land to those willing to build a home on the lot of at least 1,200 square feet.

12. Lake Los Angeles, California

The eponymous lake has long since dried up, but if you want to live, camp or simply have fun with your ATV less than two hours from Los Angeles, Lake Los Angeles, California, may be of interest.

 A 2.5-acre plot of land can be purchased for $5,000, which may make it easier to stomach the hot summers in the high desert as well as the fact that the site lacks utilities and a water source.

13. New Richland, Minnesota

There’s more to New Richland, Minnesota than free lots in a brand-new subdivision if you build within a year. 

The small city of 1,200 people has a golf course, fishing, boating, and swimming in the beautiful lake, as well as good schools and a family-friendly atmosphere.

14. Cape Coral, Florida

If you want to build a home near the water, consider a 14-acre lot in Cape Coral, Florida, which is only $8,900. 

The city is known for its canal network, which spans over 400 miles, and it is also home to golf courses, museums, parks, and performing arts venues.

15. Akron, Ohio

A small Lot 1/10-acre in Akron, Ohio, less than an hour from Cleveland, can be purchased for $10,000. 

Building in an established neighborhood means you’ll have access to water, gas, and other utilities, as well as schools, shopping, entertainment, and hospitals.

It has been observed that land prices vary not only from country to country but also from city to city.

The land is a very scarce commodity, particularly in large cities, and if you want to buy cheap land, consider the options listed above.

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