Top 100 Christmas Baby Names Inspired by the Season of Holidays

Top 100 Christmas Baby Names Inspired by the Season of Holidays.

We all know that Christmas names are reminiscent of Christmas magic and the winter season. So, we have to bring the pleasure of Christmas inspiration by giving  our amazing baby perfect names.

Christmas Baby  Names

It may be stressful but fear not we’ve got your back. If your baby is due during this festive period why not celebrate by paying tribute to this time of the year with one of these gorgeously unusual Christmas baby names?

Whether you’re having a son or a daughter, we’re confident that we have just the moniker for you. Check them out below

Perfect Christmas Names for Girls

  • Gloria Meaning: glory
  • Star, Starr Representing the star followed to find Jesus
  • Joy from the word ‘joy’
  • Eira Meaning: sno
  • Mary, Maria, Miriam Meaning: wished for child
  • Hope from the word ‘hope’
  • Beth, Bethany, Bethenny As in Bethlehem, the city where Jesus Christ was born
  • Faith from the word ‘faith’
  • Grace Meaning: Eloquence, kindness, favor
  • Nicole As in Saint Nick/Nicholas; Meaning victory of the people
  • Angel, Angelina, Angelica Meaning: all names for angel
  • Robin, Robyn Meaning bright fame
  • Ivy plant seen around Christmas
  • Dove As in the bird
  • Bell, Bella, Belle As in Christmas bells, meaning: beauty
  • Felicity Meaning: happiness
  • Paloma Meaning: dove
  • Michaela Female version of Michael, which means “who is like God”
  • Ginger As in gingerbread, meaning: pure

Christmas Baby  Names

  • Theodora Meaning: Gift from God
  • Christina, Christine Meaning: follower of Christ
  • December The month of Christmas
  • Avery Meaning: Elf King
  • Dorothy, Dorothea Meaning: Gift from God
  • Noelle, Noella Meaning: Christmas
  • Serephina, Serefine Meaning: Angel; Fiery
  • Candi, Candy, Kandi As in Candy Cane, or Christmas candies
  • Winter From the word ‘Winter’
  • Natasha Meaning: born on Christmas Day
  • Carol, Carolle, Carolina As in Christmas carol
  • Neva Meaning: white snow
  • Stella, Estella, Estelle Representing the star followed to find Jesus
  • Natalie, Natalia Meaning: born on Christmas Day
  • Holly from holly tree
  • Hermione Meaning: The messenger
  • Eve Meaning: living
  • Emmanuelle Meaning: God is with us
  • Juniper Meaning: young; evergreen
  • Meri, Merry Meaning: Mirthful; Joyful

Christmas Baby  Names

Christmas Names for Baby Boy

  • Nicholas As in Saint Nick/Nicholas; Meaning victory of the people
  • Joseph Meaning God shall add, as in Mary and Joseph
  • Geoffrey Meaning: peace
  • Rudolph, Rudy As in the red-nosed reindeer!
  • Malachi, Malakai Meaning: God’s messenger
  • Tannon From the Christmas carol, ‘O Tannenbaum’
  • Gabriel From the angel Gabriel, meaning: God is my strength
  • Noel Christmas; Angel
  • Felix Meaning: lucky; successful
  • Claus As in, Santa Claus; meaning: people’s victory
  • Jesus Meaning: God will help
  • Angelo Meaning: angel
  • Caspar, Gaspar, Jaspar Meaning: one of the three kings
  • Theodore Meaning: Gift from God
  • Alfred, Alfredo Meaning: Christmas elf
  • Christian, Christopher, Cristobal Meaning: follower of Christ
  • Cane, Kane As in candy cane, meaning: warrior
  • Celyn Meaning: holly
  • Emmanuel Meaning: God is with us

  • Jack, Jax As in Jack Frost, from the name John, meaning: God is gracious
  • Pax, Paxton Meaning: peace
  • Eldan, Elden Meaning: from the elves valley
  • Yul From the word Yule meaning Christmas
  • Balthazar Meaning: one of the three kings
  • Aster Meaning: “star”
  • Aubin Meaning: “white, blonde”
  • Balthasar Meaning: “God protects the king”
  • Berry Meaning: “of nature”
  • Cole Meaning: “coal black”
  • Douglas Meaning: “strength, courage”
  • Jack Meaning: “God is gracious”
  • Jasper Meaning: “bringer of treasure”
  • Pax Meaning: “peaceful”
  • Pine Meaning: “of the tree”
  • Quilo Meaning: “of the North Wind”
  • Robin Meaning: “famed, shining”
  • Rory Meaning: “red king”

Winter Names for Baby Girl 

  • Aimee Meaning: Beloved
  • Oakley Meaning: Oak Clearing
  • Cher Meaning: Beloved
  • Natalia Meaning: Birthday of the Lord
  • Elsa Meaning: Pledge to God
  • Ember Meaning: Word Name
  • Garnet Meaning: Pomegranate
  • Gail/Gale Meaning: My Father Rejoices; pleasant
  • Chiara Meaning: Light, Clear
  • Crimson Meaning: Color Name
  • Lucia Meaning: Light
  • Amanda Meaning: She Must Be Loved

Winter Names for Baby Boy

  • Wolf Meaning: Wolf
  • Gabriel Meaning: God is My Strength
  • Storm meaning snowstorms
  • Kenyon Meaning: White Haired or Blond
  • Abraham Meaning: Father of Multitudes
  • Fox Meaning Fox
  • Joseph Meaning: Jehovah Increases
  • Lixue meaning pretty snow.
  • Boris Meaning: To Fight

Finally, it is necessary to pick a perfect festive Christmas name(s) for your babies

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