Christopher Farrow Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Who, Nationality, Biography
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Christopher Farrow Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Who, Nationality, Biography

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Farrow, also known as the Wakefield executioner, was sentenced to life in prison in 2000 for the 1994 attack and murder of Wendy Speakes. He has a shoe obsession and had many pairs of women’s shoes on display during the assault.

He was also sentenced to prison for buggery, assault, and attempted thievery with the intent to assault another lady.

Tracey Millington-Jones, Wendy’s daughter, has sworn to fight to put Christopher in a penal facility until the day he dies. Murdertown, another Crime, and Investigation story will depict Wendy Speakes’ shoe fetish murder.

According to the Parole Board, he was not fit to be transferred to an open prison or released from imprisonment.

The board considered that he should continue to resolve pain areas in order to nurture fitting abilities. The report detailing the decision revealed that Christopher was placed in care, where exceptional levels of risk could be addressed.

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According to the BBC, he qualified for discharge in 2018 after undergoing a further audit.

Christopher Farrow was denied parole in December 2020 after being assessed for release from prison. He is currently serving his sentence in jail and will be eligible for another parole hearing at the given time.

Although Christopher is not on Wikipedia, information on his case may be found in a few news articles. Prior to being apprehended, he worked as a decorator and painter. He attempted to assault a 24-year-old barmaid just a few days before the assault on Speakes.

Wendy Speakes worked as a secretary in Wakefield. During the episode, she was 51 years old. Farrow reached into her shoe cabinet and pulled out a pair of dark high heels.

According to The Argus, while abusing her, he forced her to wear another pair of shoes. In March 1994, she was restrained and cut several times at home.

Following the heinous crime, a massive police investigation was conducted, and DNA testing was completed on a large number of men. Christopher Farrow was apprehended in 2000 after his fingerprints from a 1996 drunk driving incident were linked to a traffic violations database. His DNA was linked to blood tests discovered at the crime scene.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Christopher Farrow

1. Who is Christopher Farrow and what did he do?
A man with a passion for women’s shoes was denied parole after raped and murdered a woman in her own house.

2. Who is Christopher Farrow and what happened to Wendy Speakes?
Christopher Farrow was sentenced to life in prison in 2000 for the 1994 murder of Wendy Speakes. During his trial, jurors learned that Farrow had shown a pair of women’s shoes during the attack because he had a footwear fetish.

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