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Where Is Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine Today? What Is She Doing?

– Colombe Jacobsen Derstine –

Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine is a chef and actress best known for her role in the blockbuster comedy “Men in Black II.” Continue reading to learn more about her life.

About Colombe 

Colombe grew up in Chicago and developed an early interest in acting, enrolling in acting classes while still in middle school.

She moved to New York City at the age of 14 and began acting in movies, appearing in several big-budget films.

In addition to her acting career, she attended Sarah Lawrence College, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in 2000.

After taking a long break from acting, she enrolled at the Natural Gourmet School in New York, where she graduated in 2004.

Her Love Life

Colombe was rumored to be dating her “Man in Black II” co-star, Jack Kehler, in 2002.

The two played a couple in the film and were spotted together numerous times after filming ended, leading many of their fans to believe that they were in a real-life relationship as well.

Colombe is now married to entrepreneur Jeffree Lefleur. They have two children, a son named Xander and a daughter named Delphine.

They are currently residing in their New York home.


Colombe made her film debut in “Rookie of the Year,” a 1993 family comedy directed by Daniel Stern and written by Sam Harper, in which she co-starred with Thomas Ian Nicholas, Gary Busey, and Albert Hall.

The film follows a young baseball player who miraculously becomes a Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher after an accident gives him a very strong pitching arm.

The following year, she portrayed Julie Gaffney in the Disney film “D2: The Mighty Ducks,” a sequel to the 1992 film “The Mighty Ducks.”

It was written by Steven Brill and directed by Sam Weisman, and it follows the Mighty Ducks as they compete in the National Hockey League (NHL).

Colombe returned to the role of Julie in the third installment of the series in 1996. Colombe reprised her role as Julie in “D3: The Mighty Ducks,” the third and final installment of “The Mighty Ducks” series, in 1996.

Men in Black II

After a six-year hiatus, she returned to the screen in 2002 in the action-comedy “Men in Black II,”

Written by Robert Gordon and Laurie MacDonald and directed by Barry Sonnefeld, starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

The film is a sequel to 1997’s “Man in Black” and is based on the eponymous Marvel comic book series.

It was one of the year’s biggest box-office successes, grossing over $440 million worldwide.

Moonlight Mile

In the same year, Colombe co-starred with Dustin Hoffman, Susan Sarandon, and Jake Gyllenhaal in Brad Silberling’s romantic drama “Moonlight Mile.”

The film is based on Silberling’s real-life experience, as he was dating an actress who was murdered by an obsessed fan in 1989, and the title is a reference to a Rolling Stones song.

Colombe appeared as one of the leads in the horror drama “Searching for Haizmann”.Written and directed by Scott Gordon and Ron Meyer and starring Lucas Elliot Eberl and Jenny Mollen in 2003.


In 2007, she starred as Nadia in Talia Lugacy’s thriller “Descent,” which was produced and directed by Rosario Dawson and starred her.

The film tells the story of a college student who was raped and then struggles to rebuild her life in the years that follow.

The Living Wake

She also appeared in the comedy “The Living Wake,” directed by Sol Tryon and written by Peter Kine and Mike O’Connel, the same year.

The film follows the main character, Mike O’Connel, as he goes through his final day.

However, it was well-received by critics and was nominated for three awards, including the Audience Award at the 2007 Woodstock Film Festival.

Her Career as a Chef

Colombe began working as a private chef after graduating from the Natural Gourmet Cooking School, in addition to her acting career.

She competed in the third season of the culinary show “Food Network Star” in 2007, during which the contestants lived together in a house in New York City.

They were competing against each other in weekly cooking challenges that included cooking concession food for an NBA game.

Colombe was quite successful on the show, making it to the finals, and as a result of her appearance, she launched her own cooking show, “Conscious Cooking,” on Food Network.

FAQs on Colombe Jacobsen Derstine

1. How Old is Doctrine?

She is 45 years old

2. Which Year did she make her Film Debut?

In the year 1993

3. Which College did she go to?

Sarah Lawrence College

4. When did she Graduate from College?

She graduated in the year 2000

5. How Old was she when she Started Acting in Movies?

She was 14 years old

6. Is she also a Chef?

Yes, she is

7.  Is Columbia Married?

Yes, she is

8. What is the Name of her Husband?

Jeffree Lefleur is the name of her husband

9. Does Columbia have Kids?

Yes, she has kids

10. How many Children does she have

She has two children

Colombe has tried many different foods throughout her life, but she still values simplicity in her recipes. She enjoys seafood in particular, and her favorite cuisine is Italian. However, She is still acting in movies and caring for her family.

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