85 Cool Names That Mean Warrior, Protector, or Survivor 2020 Update

85 Cool Names That Mean Warrior, Protector, or Survivor 2020 Update.

Are you scanning for baby names which mean hero, defender or survivor? Choose one of these strong names for your new kid, for your brave little protector.

Names That Mean Warrior

As your little gift is about to make its presence on earth. Your family may have had to wage a war for your baby and  maybe you baby has to struggle a little to get there.

A ‘warrior’ name conveys a person who can protect, defend, fight, be resilient and be strong-willed against injustice and discrimination against the weak.

There are a number of different options that you can choose when naming your baby. Some parents want to go with peaceful, graceful names. Other parents choose to have names that honor a grandmother or grandfather.

You can also choose a name that means a Hero, warrior, protector, survivor and also fighter. These names channel the spirit and leadership of the past while adding an extra back-story to your child’s name.

check out the list of names that mean warrior, protector, or survivor for your baby

Cool Boy Names That Mean Warrior, Protector, or Survivor

Give your big man a defender with these warrior names:

  • RayRay: it means a wise protector.
  • Duncan: Meaning: Scottish for “dark warrior”
  • Ajax: This Greek name means warrior, but it was also the name of a famous warrior in Greek myths.
  • Kane: Meaning: Welsh for “warrior”
  • Sigmund: is a German name that actually means a victorious protector
  • Casey: Meaning: Irish for “brave in battle”
  • Oscar: Meaning: Irish for “God spear, or champion warrior”
  • Magnar: This Nordic name means a strong, fierce warrior
  • Roger: Meaning: German for “famous warrior”
  • Nakoa: Meaning: Hawaiian name for “warrior”
  • Aimon: This Irish name means a rich protector.
  • Ethan: Meaning: Hebrew for “strong”
  • Kimble: In English, this classic name was used for the chief of warriors.
  • Alvaro: Meaning: Spanish for “cautious”
  • Devante: This Spanish name means someone who fights in honor of those who have been wronged.
  • Callan: Meaning: Scottish for “battle, rock”
  • Dustin: Meaning: German for “fighter”
  • Gunther: Meaning: German for “battle warrior”
  • Alex/Alexander: Meaning: Greek for “protector of mankind”
  • Milo: Meaning: German for “soldier or merciful”
  • Blaz: In Germany, this strong name means an unwavering protector.
  • Reinhold: This Germanic name is a perfect choice. It means a wise protector.
  • Duncan: This lovely Gaelic name actually means a dark warrior who has brown hair.
  • Troy: Meaning: Irish for “descendant of foot soldier”

Names That Mean Warrior

Boy Names That Mean Warrior, Protector, or Survivor

  • Anakin: comes from modern American culture, but it would also make for a great name for your little warrior.
  • Warner: Meaning: Old English for “army”
  • Albern: This unusual name is actually a classic English name. It is said to mean a noble warrior.
  • Lewis: Meaning: English for “renowned warrior”
  • Rainer: Meaning: German for “wise army”
  • Murphy: Meaning: Irish for “sea warrior”
  • Alois: In German culture, this was the name of a famous warrior.
  • Ehno: This name comes to us from Italy and means protector.
  • Raymond: Meaning: German for “protector of men”
  • Walter: Meaning: German for “army ruler”
  • Igor: This Scandinavian name means a heroic warrior.
  • Liam: Meaning: Irish for “strong-willed”

  • Patton: Meaning: Old English for “fighter’s town”
  • Ned: Meaning: Old English for “well to do protector”
  • Andrus: We love this exotic name. It comes to us from Estonia and means warrior.
  • Osmond: Meaning: Old English “divine protector”
  • Khalon: This is an American name that means a strong warrior.
  • Harold: Meaning: Scandinavian for “army ruler”
  • Ansel: Meaning: Hebrew for “a protector”
  • Armando: Meaning: French for “soldier”
  • Peyton: Meaning: Old English for “fighting-man’s estate”
  • Eamon: This is a lovely French name that is said to mean a prosperous protector.
  • Ewan: This strong, Irish name means a young warrior.
  • Marcus: Meaning: Latin for “warlike”
  • Armani: Meaning: Italian for “warrior”
  • Eloy: This Spanish name means a renowned warrior.
  • Clovis: is a Germanic name that is also the name of a popular warrior in history.
  • Ansgar: We love this Irish name because of its strong, lyrical sound.

Names That Mean Warrior

Cute Girl Names That Mean Warrior, Protector, or Survivor

Give your clever warrior princess these strong girl names:

  • Dealla: Meaning: Irish for “protector”
  • Hilda: Meaning: German for “battle woman”
  • Sasha: Meaning: Russian for “defending men”
  • Alessia: Meaning: Italian for “defending warrior”
  • Ritza: In German, this exotic, beautiful name means a noted protector
  • Louisa: This name means a strong and valiant fighter
  • Alexa: Meaning: Greek for “protector of mankind”
  • Delmira: This is a lovely German name that is said to mean a noble protector
  • Elda: Meaning: Italian for “warrior”
  • Malin: Meaning: English for “strong, little warrior”
  • Axelia: This Greek name is perfect for a protector.
  • Malou: Meaning: Dutch origin name for “bitter; renowned warrior”
  • Alessandra: This is an Italian variation on the name Alexander or Alexandra. It means a protector of mankind.
  • Hannah Meaning Fighter
  • Gertrude: This German name is said to mean an adored warrior.
  • Eferhild: This English name has the beautiful meaning of a warrior maiden.
  • Matilda: Meaning: German for “battle-mighty”
  • Myla: Meaning: German for “soldier or merciful”
  • Lulu: Meaning: Arabic origin name for “pearl”
  • Marcella: Meaning: Latin for “warlike”
  • Sandra: Meaning: Greek for “protector of man”
  • Mina: Meaning: Dutch for “protector”
  • Edme: Meaning: Scottish for “protector”
  • June: Meaning: Latin for “protector of women or marriage”
  • Rosetta: Meaning: German for “noted protector”

Names That Mean Warrior

  • Alesta: This is a lovely Scottish name that is sure to get everyone’s attention. This name is for a protector.
  • Diamond: Meaning: Old English for “invincible, untamed”
  • Kendra: Meaning: Old English for “knowledge”
  • Aloisia: Meaning: German for “famous fighter”
  • Kelly: Meaning: Irish for “war”
  • Meredith: this name means the protector of the sea.

In summary, check out the list of names that mean warrior, protector, or survivor for your babies.

Just in case we missed any name you know of, add it to the comment section.

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