crazy frog dead

Did Crazy Frog Die? Insane Viral Post Brings Classic Meme Back Into the Spotlight

This question “Is crazy frog dead?” came up after a post on twitter posted about the Crazy Frog’s death in a bizarre flashback to the middle of the 2000s.

crazy frog dead

The Crazy Frog, also known as The Annoying Thing, had a distinct sound that could be heard in schoolyards all over the world. 

Then, in a bizarre turn of events that no one could have predicted, it was transformed into a remarkably distinctive CGI character that gave rise to a number-one single that traveled the world.


A Twitter thread that has gone insanely viral has brought the Crazy Frog back into the public consciousness.

The Crazy Frog Update

The Crazy Frog Updates fan page tweeted, “Crazy Frog has passed away.” listed in the page’s bio as “Not Associated with Crazy Frog.”

The account continued after making the initial shocking announcement, “Will follow up with updates if/when I get confirmation.”

The thread concluded with “Good News:” and a retweet from the verified Crazy Frog saying “I don’t think so,” eventually drawing the attention of the official Crazy Frog page.

Thousands of people have expressed happiness and sorrow at the news on Reddit and Twitter.

Many bid farewell to the creation with bug-eyed eyes by saying, “Rest sweet prince.”

Fans searching for an explanation for why this post went viral was quick to point out that the Crazy Frog Updates have previously claimed that the character has passed away.



The Frog’s original video received 3.3 billion views, making it one of the most influential pieces of early internet culture. 

The cold response has been nothing short of hilarious. Give us this day our daily ding; and forgive us our dongs as we forgive those who ding against us; lead us not into bam bam, but deliver us from bong bong, as one tweet went into great detail to rewrite a prayer for the modern ages. Amen.”

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