104 Cute, Cool, Clever and Funny Nicknames for Andrew 2020 Update

104 Cute, Cool, Clever and Funny Nicknames for Andrew 2020 Update.

Does Andrew deserve a nickname in your life that is cute and adorable? Something he may even be embarrassed about when he or his boys are around his crush? Here are Andrew’s cute nicknames:Nicknames for Andrew

Andrew Origin and Meaning

The name Andrew is the name of a boy of Greek origin, which means “strong and manly.”

Andrew is a variant of the Greek name Andreas, derived ultimately from the element aner, meaning “man.” Andrew was one of the twelve apostles in the New Testament and the first disciple to be called by Jesus.

Andrew is the patron saint of both Scotland and Russia, as well as Greece, although the roots of the name are Greek. It has connections with two of the most famous artists in America, Wyeth and Warhol.

Andrew also has many glamorous international events, including Andre (French), Andrei (Russian), Andres (Spanish), Andrea (Italian), Andreas (German, Dutch and Greek) and Anders (Norwegian and Swedish), which are sometimes used in the United States.

Cute Nicknames for Andrew

Here are some cute nicknames for an Andrew:

  • Aindriú – For a masculine man with Irish descent.
  • Andre – If he’s dreamy or he’s French, Andrè would be a great fit.
  • Anderson – A nickname with a simple and mature tone.
  • Andrea – A Greek word for a manly being.
  • Andrez – Andrew with the Old Greek spelling.
  • Andraž – The Slovene variant of Andrew.
  • Da-Drew – The one and only.
  • Andro – Andy with a “ro.”
  • Drew – Probably the most popular Andrew nickname you’d find.
  • Drey – Culled from the name Drew.
  • Andy – Hands down the most popular Andrew nickname
  • Andris – A Greek variant for a “manly warrior” named Andrew.
  • Drel – Drew, but without the “w.”
  • Andreios – For a tough and manly Andrew.
  • Anndra – Andrew in its Scottish form.
  • Andras – For an Andrew with a Greek background.
  • Andreu – For one who is manly, strong and courageous.
  • Androcles – Meaning “glory of a man.”
  • Andreo – For a brave Andrew with Spanish roots.
  • Andriy – For an Andrew with Ukrainian roots.
  • Andrewski – A Greek variant of Andrew.
  • Daddy-Drew – Because what girl wouldn’t want him to be Daddy?
  • Andrius – A nickname for an Andrew with Lithuanian origin.
  • Anderz – Anders with a slight twist.
  • Andrzej – The Polish form of Andrew.
  • Andronicus – A Classical Greek name for an Andrew, meaning “male victor.”
  • Andrii – A Ukrainian version, for one who is manly and tough.

Nicknames for Andrew

Cool Nicknames for Andrew

Looking for a cold-toned nickname, or maybe something that has an interesting and desirable meaning to it? For Andrew, here are some cool nicknames:

  • Druww – With a lot of emphasis on the “w.”
  • Drew-Boi – For a little Andrew.
  • Lil-Rew – For a smallish yet adorable-looking Andrew.
  • Drowsy-Drewy – If he’s always got a tired face, he’s asking for this nickname.
  • Drewby – Something playful and adorable for a Drew.
  • Candy – For an Andrew that is as sweet as candy.
  • Dru – A simple and sweet version of Drew.
  • Andrello – A nickname with an Italian twist.
  • Dy’ – (Pronounced ‘Dee’) Simple and short.
  • Andyroo – For a tough man with a sweet nature.
  • Roo – “Rew,” but with a different spelling.
  • Sugary-Dewy – For the sweetest Andrew alive.
  • Drew-Boo – For a real sweetheart.
  • Andee – For an Andrew that’s girly but virile.
  • Big-A – If Andrew’s got a huge bod, here’s a befitting nickname.
  • Drewberry – For a total sweetheart that’s yummier than berries.
  • Andy-Dandy – For a stylish and sophisticated man.
  • Pandrew – For a Drew that reminds you of a cute and cuddly Panda.
  • Andy-Bunnyboo – For a sweet and loving Andrew.
  • Drew-Bear – For a tall, dark and handsome Andrew.
  • Drewd – Drew with a D.
  • Drewster – For an unusual and special kind of Drew.
  • Andie – A modern English variant for an Andy
  • Dew – Drew with an “r.”
  • Dewey – For an Andrew, that’s gentle as the morning dew.
  • Rew – Drew with a “D.”
  • Merry-Rew – For a cheerful and energetic being.
  • Dreamy – For a ridiculous attractive Drew.
  • Mountain Drew – Your very own Mountain Dew in real life.
  • Drew Woo – Something cute for an adorable Andrew.

Nicknames for Andrew

Clever Nicknames for Andrew

Would you like a nickname that has a catchy history story? Anything thoughtful or witty? For Andrew, here are some clever nicknames:

  • Hamdrew – For a ham lover bearing Andrew.
  • Andyhood – For a quiet and introverted Andrew who enjoys being around a small circle of people.
  • Androminator – What Terminator would have been nicknamed if he was Andrew.
  • Anjew – Fits just right if he’s Jewish.
  • Angrew – For an Andrew growing at an incredibly fast rate.
  • Drew-D-Dreamer – Our modern-day Joseph named Drew.
  • Scooby-Drew – He’s definitely the underdog of his gang.
  • Mean-drew – He’s the meanest Drew you’d ever meet.
  • Astro Andy – For an astrologist or an astronomy lover.
  • Andrewed – Andrew wasn’t the name his folks had in mind, but Andrew he became.
  • Dread-D-Drew – The Andrew that everyone else avoids.
  • Deja Drew – Perfect if he’s got a striking man resemblance
  • An-Doo – Andrew with a couple of letters replaced.
  • Drewbacco – This Andrew and Tobacco are like 5 and 6.
  • And – “Rew” won’t be necessary for this one.
  • Kanga-Drew – For an energetic and hyperactive Drew.
  • Mandrew – For a sturdy and manly Andrew
  • Hunky-Drewy – For a sexy-looking Drew.
  • Drew-me-in – If he’s a lover boy who enjoys being all touchy, here’s a name for him.
  • Drewpiter – Jupiter’s very own.
  • Digi-Drew – For a digital guru or a tech wizard named Andrew.
  • Andrioosha – Andrew like a Russian would say it.
  • Peek-a-Drew – For a kid who loves playing Peek-a-boo more than anything.

Funny Nicknames for Andrew

Here are some amusing nicknames for a guy called Andrew

  • Andy-iana – If he’s got a feminine nature, why not?
  • Sandy – Similar to Sandy, but it could also be used to mock a dirty guy named Andrew.
  • Doobie-Doobie – If Andrew’s a smoker, he’d be pretty stoned about this nickname (pun intended!).
  • Drewbin – Culled from the popular travel blogger Drew Binsky, for a Drew who loves to see the world.
  • Dodger-Drew – If he’s the sneakiest person you know, you’ve found the perfect nickname.
  • Jungle-Drew – If he’s wild and adventurous, we think he’d like this.
  • Randy Andy – For the freakiest Andy you know.
  • Eww – An Andrew with an irritating personality.
  • Andy-Gandhi – If he’s an old man stuck in a young body; he deserves this pet name.
  • Andi-Candi – If he’s twice as sweet as candy, he earned this nickname.
  • Dr-ewwwy – For the most disgusting Andrew in your life.
  • Drewby-Booby – For a chubby looking Andrew.
  • Andy-Bandy – For an Andrew who’s always having accidents and getting bandages and casts.
  • Droopy Drew – This is for the weakest or laziest Drew in your life.
  • Andy-Nutz – For an odd fellow with peculiar behaviors.
  • Andi-Dip – For an Andy who’s into stargazing and constellations.
  • Drewpanzee – For a goofy and weird-looking Andrew.
  • An-Drool – If he drools in his sleep, he literally asked for this nickname.
  • Sand-Rew – For a filthy, unkempt being.
  • Scandy – For a troublesome & scandalous young man.
  • Ant-Rew – For a bite-sized or an adorable-looking Andrew.
  • Drewmingo – For an Andrew with long and lanky-looking legs that remind you of a flamingo.

Have we left out any of the famous Andrew nicknames? Or do you give a guy called Andrew a better pet name? Please go ahead and share in the comments section all the nicknames for Andrew you know!

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