dark moon greatsword elden ring

Elden Ring: How Unlock Dark Moon Greatsword by Completing Ranni’s Quest

Here’s how to get the Dark Moon Greatsword, a mystical and highly sought-after sword in Elden Ring. A venerable FromSoftware weapon known as the Moonlight Greatsword is reimagined by Elden Ring as the Dark Moon Greatsword.

dark moon greatsword elden ring

How Unlock Dark Moon Greatsword by Completing Ranni’s Quest

Finding Renna is made simple by going to the Cathedral of Manus Cele. Exchange the Dark Moon Ring for the weapon in order to receive it from this location.

To get the Dark Moon Ring, though, players must complete a ton of tasks and stories that are related to Renna’s quest

So, make sure you’re prepared to finish the quest and get the Ring before proceeding to the exchange.

Once you’ve got the Ring, go to the Moonlight Altar close to the Albinaurics Village.

Before you can reach Renna, who is hidden inside a large hole in the Cathedral floor, you must overcome a dragon, which is the biggest challenge, as you proceed straight toward the Cathedral.

Passives for Dark Moon Greatsword

The Dark Moon Greatsword builds up a Great swordamount of Frostbite with each swing. 

The enemy will erupt in an ice burst when that bar is fully charged, dealing heavy damage. 

More significantly for PvP, those suffering from Frostbite notice a significant decrease in their stamina regeneration. 

Because PvE opponents and bosses have practically limitless stamina, the Dark Moon Greatsword’s secondary effect has little impact on them.

Dark Moon Greatsword’s Capabilities and Affinities

Physical Attack: 82

Weight: 10.0

Scaling: STR – -D, DEX – D, INT – C

Required: 16 STR, 11 DEX, 38 INT

A Carian queen gave her spouse a Moon Greatsword as a sign of respect for a long-standing custom.

The Moonlight Greatsword is the included Weapon Skill for the Dark Moon Greatsword. The use of this special weapon skill costs 32 FP. 

The Dark Moon Greatsword receives a buff from the Moonlight Greatsword skill that increases its Magic and Frost damage.

Upon charging, it offers a ranged attack that deals Magic damage that scales with Intelligence, is good for stabbing enemies from a distance, and stuns them. 

Even after locking on to an enemy, a number of missed shots may result from poor aiming and firing, which is a problem because the skill itself is quite good.



Skills and high damage weapons are essential when trying to take out the tough bosses in Elden Ring. However, T\the Dark Moon Greatsword is a wise first purchase.

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