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Defense Claims Orlando Man Accused of Killing Wife in 2018 not Competent to stand trial

– Dave Tronnes –

This article is about a man, Dave Tronnes who claims he is not able to stand trial after being accused of killing his wife at their Delaney Park house in 2018. Continue reading to find out the rest of the story.

Dave Tronnes

Dave Tronnes has been imprisoned since August 2018, more than four months after his wife, Shanti Cooper-Tronnes, was discovered dead inside a home on East Copeland Drive on April 24.

His lawyers submitted documentation on Monday alleging that a doctor determined he is not fit to aid in his own defense at trial owing to a Schizophrenia diagnosis.

Moreover, according to court documents, Dr. Jeffrey Danziger visited Tronnes on September 16 and decided that the suspected killer is incompetent owing to “ongoing indications of the Schizophrenia diagnosis.”

The records do not go into depth about Tronnes’ “manifestations,” but they do state that he “satisfies the conditions for involuntary placement” in a mental health hospital under the Baker Act.

Tronnes will be subjected to a competency hearing, where a judge will make a final decision on whether he is competent to stand trial.

However, It is unclear when that competency hearing will take place, or if one will be allowed at all.

Tronnes is suspected of beating and strangling his wife. Tronnes dialed 911 and informed dispatchers that he had discovered his wife in the shower.

He then told detectives that he discovered his wife face down in the tub. He informed detectives that he thought she slipped and fell in the shower.

“Shanti did not fall and get those injuries,” Detective Teresa Sprague stated a month after Tronnes was arrested. “It’s quite clear to me that Shanti was murdered.”

Tronnes acknowledged to detectives that his wife had a $250,000 life insurance policy on which he was the beneficiary.

Nevertheless, Tronnes is charged with first-degree murder. A status hearing in his case is scheduled for November 8.

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FAQs on Dave Tronnes

1. Who is Dave Tronnes?

He is the man who was accused of  killing his wife

2. Which Year did his wife Die?

In the year 2018

3. Was Dave Arrested?

Yes, he was arrested

4. Why was Dave Tronnes Arrested?

He was accused of killing his wife

5. Was Dave Always Beating his Wife?

Yes, he is a suspect in that

6. Is Dave Guilty of the Crime?

Yes, he is guilty of the crime

7. Did Dave Tronnes Kill his Wife?

Yes, he killed his wife

8. Could he have Slain his Wife because of her life Insurance Policy?


9. Did Dave Tronnes have a Child with his Late Wife?

This information is unknown to the public

10. Is Dave Tronnes Dead?

No, he is not dead

Dave was found guilty and charged with first-degree murder. He was constantly assaulting and maltreating his wife till she died in his arms. What are your thoughts about Dave? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.



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