deji vs alex wassabi

Alex Wassabi Hits O at KSI for “Publicly Shaming” Deji After Fight Loss

Deji suffered his third consecutive defeat when he was defeated by Alex Wassabi, a rookie. After a hesitant start, Deji launched forward first in the southpaw stance.

Deji vs Alex Wassabi

At the end of the round, Wassabi forced the Londoner to miss after reacting deftly and forcing his more experienced opponent to clinch.

When a fan entered the ring during the second round, the fight was stopped before it could further devolve into farce.

The fight was able to continue after security dealt with the intruder, and it ultimately lasted the full five rounds.

Two judges awarded Wassabi the victory, but one judge controversially chose Deji as the winner.

Deji’s older brother KSI expressed his disappointment at the outcome in a video he made after the incident.

“I’m disappointed, Deji,” he said. “Man, I really do feel that way.” If that’s not what you wanted to hear, I apologize, but it’s the truth. I’m not going to lie to you; I had higher expectations for you, he continued.

Winner Alex disagreed with KSI’s strategy, and he called the YouTuber out for openly criticizing him in an episode of The Sync Podcast.

Just be a big brother, man, is all I’m saying. Be a good person,” he advised. Why did you feel the need to destroy him?

He’s simply restating what everyone else has said. You ought to be his big brother, supporting and encouraging him while saying things like, “Don’t worry about it; it’s just a fight.”



If he achieved an unwanted hat trick, the brother of KSI had vowed to retire. And it appeared as though the judges might controversially save him, but Wassabi won out in a split decision.

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