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Who is Future’s Girlfriend Dess Dior? Instagram, Age and Net Worth Revealed

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Future has been seeing fellow rapper Dess Dior for a few months now, after splitting from model Lori Harvey in August of last year.

Future and Dess have been sighted out and about together on numerous occasions, and have even appeared on one other’s social media accounts. But who exactly is Dess Dior? What is her job, and how old is she?

Dess Dior and Future are they Dating?

Future shocked Dess with an extravagant diamond ring in February 2021, a week after Valentine’s Day. As the ring was placed on her ring finger, the post fueled ongoing engagement rumors between the couple.

Dess posted a selfie of herself and Future on her Instagram story in mid-November. Future was seen wrapping his arms around her as she posed for the photo.

The ‘Mask Off’ rapper and Dess originally fueled romance rumors in November when they were pictured together on her birthday.

In a social media video, the rapper looked to be in the background while Dess danced on stage. A few weeks later, Dess shared a breathtaking selfie of herself wearing a diamond-encrusted Audemars Piguet watch, which was most likely given to her by Future.

Dess Dior uploaded a selfie of herself sitting on Future’s lap on Tuesday (April 6).

Dior captioned the image with a phrase from her new single “Tenin,” adding, “Call my ni**a MLK since he believes in my dreams.”

Who is Dess Dior

Dess Dior, born Destiny Bailey, is an American rapper best known for her hits “Stop Playin'” and “Bandz.” Dess Dior, a Savannah, Georgia native, began her career on YouTube, where she first found traction.

She has been rapping since he was 12 years old. She began in a teen rap group, but as she moved away from her group members, she became a solo artist.

The actress moved to Atlanta to pursue her artistic career.

Dess Dior age is a 23 fashion designer. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio, and she was born on November 2, 1998. She has made a fortune throughout her rap career. The artist has wowed audiences all around the world by performing at concerts and presenting performances.

Dess Dior’s net worth is $5 million. She presented Future with a poignant diamond neckpiece, which left him speechless.

Future came to Instagram stories on Friday (Jan 29) to show off his spanking new iced out chain, which his girlfriend Dess got for him. Not only was the chain adorned with diamonds, but Dess completed the look.

Not only was the necklace adorned with diamonds, but Dess also included a photo of Future’s mother in the middle.

What is the Nature of Dess Dior’s Relationship with Future’s mother?

Dess Dior and Future celebrated his mother’s birthday with a small gathering on Tuesday (February 2). Tia, Future’s sister, took to Instagram to post video footage and images of their mother, as well as a sweet note to Dess.

Future’s mother can be seen dancing to Dess Dior’s song in one photo. Tia thanked Dess in another post for surprising her mother with a large photo.
“This present was so thoughtful, and she adored it,” Tia said with a photo of her mother holding the image.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Dess Dior Age?

She is 23 years old

2. Is Future still Married to Dess Dior?

Dess Dior and Future appear to have called it quits on their relationship. According to the Rap-Up, Dess and Future made their relationship official on Instagram in November 2020, just a few months after the “Life Is Good” MC divorced Lori Harvey.

3. Who is Dess Dior now Dating?

Dess Dior and Future began dating in November 2020 after Lori Harvey ended her relationship with the “Life is Good” rapper.

4. What brought Dess Dior and Future Together?

Dess’s 22nd birthday was made much more exciting when they went to the famous strip club Magic City. According to reports, the two met by throwing dollar notes at the attractive dancers.

5. Who is Dess Dior’s Mom?

 Stephanie Jester

6. How old is Future?

38 years

7. How old are Lil babies?

27 years

8. Who are Future Baby Mamas?

Meet Future’s eight baby mamas. The moms of Future’s children are Jessica Smith, Brittni Mealy, India J, singer Ciara, professional dancer Joie Chavis, Eliza Seraphin, Cindy Parker, and one lady who has decided not to be revealed.

9. How old is Moneybagg?

30 years

10. How old is Rapper Gucci Mane?

42 years

Dess Dior is a young woman who has established a living through rap battles. She’s accomplished so much for herself. She has financial security and is living her best life. Please leave a comment and share.


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