Drake’s Wife Sophie Brussaux Shows Off Fighting Skills In Gym Video

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Drake’s baby mama is training with hardcore fighters and displaying intense combat skills.

Sophie Brussaux, Drake’s son Adonis’ mother, posted a video of herself inside the Street Fight Training Academy in France. The academy focuses on combat sports such as MMA, JJB, Muay Thai, boxing, and bodybuilding.

Sophie tagged herself at the Street Fight Training Academy while practicing in a black robe. “Ceinture Blanche,” she captioned it, which translates to “White Belt.” She posted a video of a heated sparring match between two men inside the gym.

Drake’s Baby Mama

Sophie flaunted a video of herself working out at the same Academy in October. She was seen sparring with a partner and throwing some powerful punches. Sophie has been working out with Hamza Lavezzi, her personal trainer.

Sophie is currently residing in France with Drake’s son Adonis. She is a celebrity portrait artist who has painted Angelina Jolie, Beyoncé, and Michelle Obama. She has not spoken publicly about Drake, and the two appear to be on good terms.

Sophie has been spending time in Toronto, where Drake has a sprawling custom-built compound.

Two times / And neither time was like the new times / It’s tough times right now/ I’m out here on the front lines just trying to make sure I see him occasionally. It breaks my heart / As a single father, I despise hearing it.”

Who is Sophie Brussaux?

Sophie Brussaux is a 31-year-old retired porn star who used to be known as Rosee Divine in adult films.

She was born and raised in France, and after abandoning pornography, she has turned to art.

Her work has been shown in cities such as New York, Milan, and London under the artist name Sophie B.

Sophie reveals herself to be an award-winning and published artist in her website bio.

According to her website, she “combines her fascination for cultural and social paradigms with a love of colorful pop-art and symbolism.”

When was Sophie Brussaux and Drake’s Son Born?

Drake’s son Adonis was born in 2017 to Sophie, making the God’s Plan rapper a first-time father.

According to reports, the two met in January 2017 and Sophie became pregnant almost immediately.

Sophie was seen having dinner with the Canadian actor in January 2017 while on a trip to Amsterdam.

They appeared to be with a group of friends at the restaurant, happily chatting as they tucked into a Japanese feast.

Then, in May 2017, she told TMZ that Drake had texted her asking her to get an abortion after she told him she was pregnant.

“If it is, in fact, Drake’s child, which he does not believe, he would do the right thing by the child,” Drake’s rep said at the time.

She then gave birth to their son on October 24, 2017, nine months after being seen with Drake and on the rapper’s birthday.

However, it wasn’t until June 2018 that Drake finally admitted he was Sophie’s father.

What is Sophie Brussaux’s Net Worth?

Sophie’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million (£700,000).
Her earnings are derived from her work as an artist.

But that pales in comparison to her baby daddy Drake, who is worth approximately $180 million (£127 million).

Is Drake’s Wife on Instagram?

Sophie can be found on Instagram under the handle @sophieknowsbetter.

She has 573,000 followers on Instagram and describes herself as a “Space enthusiast.”

Sophie’s page features photos of herself and her artwork, as well as numerous images of her son Adonis.

What was said about Drake’s Wife?

Some of Drake’s fans were outraged when he referred to Sophie as a “fluke” in his song When To Say When.

He raps on the song, “Baby mama fluke, but I love her for who she is.”

The use of the word “fluke” has divided fans of the Grammy-winning singer, with some labeling him “toxic” and “disrespectful.”

One fan raged on Twitter: “Drake calling his bm a fluke in a music video is completely incorrect. She’s not even slandering him, as many others do for clout (sic).”

Another person inquired: “Drake referred to his baby mother’s pregnancy as a fluke. Does he realize that saying s**t like that only makes him look worse?”

“Drake calling his bm a fluke is wild lmao mad embarrassing too (sic),” said a third.

The Motto rapper publicly acknowledged the child for the first time in his song Emotionless from the album Scorpion.

“I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world, I was hiding the world from my kid,” he rapped.

“When there’s breaking news in my life, I don’t run to the blogs; the only people I want to tell are the ones I can call.”


Frequently Asked Questions About Drake’s Wife

1. What is Sophie Brussaux famous for?

Sophie Brussaux is a former adult star from France who is best known for her brief relationship with Canadian rapper Drake, which resulted in the birth of a son named Adonis. In January 2017, the two were first seen together in Amsterdam.

2. Did Sophie Brussaux date Drake?
Sophie and Drake were first linked after being seen having dinner together in a restaurant in Amsterdam in January 2017. Two months later, news broke that Sophie was pregnant with Drake’s child, and the story drew a lot of media attention. On October 11, 2017, she gave birth to their son.

3. Who is Sophie Brussaux to Drake?

On Sunday, Drake paid tribute to his ex-girlfriend Sophie Brussaux via his Instagram Story. The 34-year-old hitmaker’s photo showed his child’s mother taking a selfie with their three-year-old son Adonis; the artist later reposted the image to her own Story.

4. What is Drake’s wife ethnicity?

Brussaux was born in Bordeaux, France, on August 1, 1989, and is a French citizen.

5. Where did Drake’s wife meet him?

In 2019, Narcity reported that Adonis’ parents met in Toronto. The Sun published photos of the duo dining with a group of friends in Amsterdam in January 2017, at a time when Drake was rumored to be dating Jennifer Lopez.

6. Did Drake and Kylie hook up?

Despite their “flirtations” over the years, a source close to Drake denied the rumors to HollywoodLife at the time, telling the site that Drake and Kylie’s relationship was “purely platonic.”

7. What age is Sophie Brussaux?

32 years (1 August 1989)

8. How can I meet Drake?

After the concert, wait outside the venue to see if you can meet Drake.

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