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Du’mier Banks 5 quick facts and photos of Lil Durk’s son

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In this article, we will discuss Du’mier Banks and provide some background information on him. Continue reading to find out more.


Du’mier Banks is a famous child. He is Lil Durk’s fourth child.

Lil Durk is a well-known rapper best known as the founder of the infamous Chicago rap collective Only The Family.

The most significant break in his career came in 2020 when he appeared on Drake’s single Laugh It Off.

Du’mier Banks was born in the year 2014 and he is eight years old. He is a native of the United States.

Angelo Banks, Bella Banks, Zayden Banks, Skyler Banks, and Willow Banks are his siblings.


Du’mier Banks is only eight years old and isn’t yet mature enough to be in a relationship.

Lil Durk, on the other hand, has dated a lot of women in his life.

Durk was in a relationship with Takala Welch in 2016, but they split up after only a few months of dating.

 Quick Facts About Lil Durk’s Son

1. He is a Celebrity Child

He is a celebrity child because he is the fifth son of Lil Durk, a well-known American rapper, singer, and songwriter.

His father is well-known as the founder of the Chicago rap collective Only The Family.

Lil Durk is a rapper and also a songwriter from the United States.

Lil began by posting rap songs on social media. He rose to prominence, however, with his mixtape Life Ain’t No Joke.

He is best known for founding the collective and record label Only the Family.

As well as his collaborations with artists such as Drake and the late King Von.

Nonetheless, he received a huge break in 2020 after appearing on Drake’s single, Laugh Now, Cry Later.

Lil revealed in 2014 that he was the father of his fourth child, Du’mier.

Du’mier’s mother, on the other hand, is still unknown to the rest of the world.

2. Du’mier ‘s Age

Du’mier was born in 2014 and he is 8 years old.

Durk revealed to the public in 2014 that he was the father of a child named Du’mier Banks.

Unfortunately, no information about Du’mier Banks’ mother has been released.

Du’mier was born in America, but no information about his birthplace is available.

3. He has Many Siblings

He has five half-brothers and sisters. If you believe Du’mier is Lil Durk’s only child, you are mistaken.

Lil Durk has five other children from previous relationships. Durk has six children in total.

When he was 17, he had his first child. Angelo Banks is the name of his first child, who was born in 2011.

Bella Banks was born in 2013 and is the family’s second child.

Zayden Banks is the family’s third child, born in 2013.

Skyler Banks, the fifth child of an American rapper, was born in 2014

Willow Banks, Lil Durk’s sixth child, was born in October 2018.

Du’mier Banks rose to prominence as Lil Durk’s son.

He is still young, and there is nothing to report about his professional life.

All eyes are on him to see if he will follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career in music.

4. Du Mier Banks’s Father is Married

Lil has married India Royale and exchanged vows.

Furthermore, the couple had been together for a long time.

They announced their engagement in 2017 and were officially married in 2018.

However, the families are currently residing in their Los Angeles mansion.

It has been stated that they are living happy life.

Du’mier’s father has been in relationships with several women in addition to his mother.

In 2016, he dated Takala Welch, according to his past relationships.

Their relationship, however, lasted only a short time. Later, there are rumors of Dej Loaf and Lil dating.

The former couple was seen kissing on stage as if they were trying to publicly confirm their relationship.

Nonetheless, they divorced in 2016. Nicole Covone is the next person on the list to whom he was married.

They also had children together. Mia Burks and Lil were also in a relationship at the time.

5. His father was Imprisoned

Lil Duk was arrested and imprisoned for three months for gun-related offenses.

However, he was confronted with five felony charges.

Which included a criminal attempt to commit murder, aggravated assault, criminal street gang, and many others.

This has been difficult for Du’mier because his father is a convicted felon.

He’s changed since then, and he says he doesn’t want his children to grow up without a father.

He is a caring father who avoids anything that would keep him apart from his children.

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1. How Old is Du’mier Banks?

He is eight years old

2. Whose Child is Du’mier Banks?

He is the child of a famous rapper Lil Durk

3. Is Du’mier Banks on Instagram?

No, he is not because he is too young to be on social media for now

4. Does he have siblings?

Yes, he has siblings

5. Is Du’mier Banks Dating Anyone?

No, he is not dating anyone besides he is too young for that

6. What is his Father’s Career?

His father is a rapper and a songwriter

7. Where is Du’mier Banks From?

He is from the United States

8. How Old is his Father?

His father is 30 years old

9. Is Du’mier Banks’ Father and his Mother Together?

No, they are not together anymore

10. What is his Father’s Net Worth?

His father’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million

Du’mier Banks is a famous child. He is Lil Durk’s fourth child. Lil Durk is a well-known rapper best known as the founder of the well-known Chicago rap collective, Only The Family.

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