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How to Get TikTok’s Viral El Gato Cat Printout

TikTok users are obsessed with the El Gato Cat printout, which has received thousands of likes on the social media app. Read on to know how to get one

How to Get TikTok’s Viral El Gato Cat Printout

If you’ve caught the viral bug and those adorable printout cats have piqued your interest, you can get your own from Paperizedcrafts.com.

Simply search the site for “munchkin kitty,” and you’ll be able to find and print your own feline figurine.

However, You are free to print as many kitty cats as you want. 

And if you want to contribute to the trend in a unique way, go for it; some TikTok users have used real cats and different versions of the Cat printout in their own spins on the trend.

el gato cat

The Demon Slayer

El Gato Cat, a TikTok viral, is from the Demon slayer sound “Sonido Original.” TikTok users can hear the character say “arigato” to another character, which translates to “Thank you” in Japanese.

On TikTok, however, everyone thought it sounded like “El Gato,” when it was actually “Arigato.” The audio is from Demon Slayer’s most recent season.

Let me explain Demon Slayer if you’re not familiar with it. Tanjiro Kamado, a teenager who aspires to be a demon slayer, is the protagonist of the Japanese manga series Demon Slayer.

It occurs following the slaughter of his family and the transformation of his sister Nezulo into a demon. That’s when they started calling it El Gato Cat.



The adorable El Gato Cat printout has become the latest viral product. The best part about this adorable kitty is that you can get one for free.

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