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Elizabeth Lambert: The Making of a Monster Mexico’s Women’s Soccer

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Elizabeth Lambert is the subject of this article. She is a member of Mexico’s women’s soccer team. Continue reading to find out more.

Elizabeth Lambert 

Lambert, a junior, was implicated in extremely unsportsmanlike plays during a Mountain West Conference semifinal game against Brigham Young University on Nov. 5, 2009, including elbowing a girl in the back and pulling another player down by her ponytail.

Despite being involved in a series of terrible occurrences on the pitch, she received merely a yellow card.

However, video footage of her conduct resulted in additional disciplinary action, making her one of the most infamous athletes in the country.

The game footage was televised on ESPN as part of a highlight feature on SportsCenter, and the video was then shared on ESPN’s YouTube channel.

The video has had 1,275,126 views and 1,889 user comments to date. No video from that day has been viewed more than 8,000 times.

The Play of the Day video depicting a LeBron James slam dunk came the closest, with 7,160 views (with five comments attached to it).

The video forced the school to suspend the defender indefinitely for her behavior during the game. The conference agreed with the ban, citing Lambert’s violation of the conference’s sportsmanship code.

YouTube Phenomenon

Lambert became a YouTube phenomenon as a result of the video, and she will forever be known as the “ponytail girl.”

She has now spoken up about the incident, and viewing the footage may have led her to pause, reflect on her conduct, and feel regret and grief.

“I look at that and think, ‘That’s not me,'” Lambert told The New York Times in a Nov. 17 report. “I am filled with remorse. I still can’t believe I did it.”

Lambert did admit that some parts of the film are taken out of context, either by accident or as part of the match’s physical give-and-take.

The Video

The video, on the other hand, does not lie: The ponytail haul was uninstigated. The footage, however, does not lie: the ponytail haul was not provoked and is terrible enough on its own.

Lambert is seeing a clinical psychologist to better understand her conduct and will speak to youth sports teams about sportsmanship and how to learn from her error.

Nonetheless, her reputation has suffered, and the video’s virality has played a significant role.

The majority of the publicity has focused on making Lambert the villain in this case, but some attention should be paid to the other “accused” of Lambert’s crime.

The Referees

The referees are almost probably at blame. The refs can’t see everything, but there are at least three of them in a soccer game, one in the center and one on each sideline.

Except for one trip, none of them saw any of the fouls (particularly the ponytail yank).

Some of the fouls were also committed when Lambert was on the ball, so the center referee should have been paying attention. Allowing this style of play to continue only leads to something greater.

The Coach

Also, some of the blame and accountability should go on head coach Kit Vela’s shoulders. Lambert’s acts were heinous. How does Vela manage to stay in the game and commit infraction after infraction?

The coach is the team’s figurehead, especially in college athletics, and should uphold the school’s, conference’s, and NCAA’s sportsmanship regulations.

No player should be above the rules of fair play. It is Vela’s responsibility to notice Lambert’s behavior and remove her from the game.

FAQs on Elizabeth Lambert Soccer

1. What Happened to Elizabeth Lambert UNM?

 Elizabeth Lambert was suspended indefinitely after the violent play in a Mountain West Conference tournament loss to BYU that included yanking an opposition player down by her hair.

2. Did Elizabeth Lambert Ever Return to Soccer?

Lambert has been reinstated and is eligible to play as a senior this season after serving a two-game ban for her role in a well-known hair-pulling altercation during a game against BYU last autumn.

3. Who is Elizabeth Lambert?

Elizabeth Lambert is the New Mexico soccer player who went completely insane during the Mountain West Conference semi-finals, hitting largely vulnerable BYU teammates.

4. What Happened to the Soccer Player who Pulled his Hair Out?

Elizabeth Lambert, the hair-pulling college soccer player, has returned following a two-game suspension

5. What were Lambert’s Teammates Thinking Throughout this Ordeal?

Lambert claims it was a physical fight, but she went over and beyond to cause agony. Her teammates must understand that what Lambert did was wrong and at the very least urge her to cool down

6. Is Elizabeth Dead?

No, she is not dead

7. Who is the Youngest Female Soccer Player in the United States?

Davidson. Tierna Davidson, 20, is the USA’s youngest player on the 2019 World Cup roster. Davidson, a 5’10 center defender with a playmaker’s mentality, glides across the pitch with an uncanny composure and grasp of the game.

8. How many Views did the Video have?

The video has 1,275,126 views

9. Has she been Suspended?

Yes, she has been suspended from all team activities indefinitely after that incident.

10. Who is the Youngest Female Soccer Player in the United States?

Tierna Davidson, 20, is the USA’s youngest player

Lambert, nevertheless, is still responsible for her own acts. The moral of this story is to always be on your best behavior, even if you believe no one is looking, because they are, and they will share it with the rest of the world.


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