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Erin Angle Bio; Net Worth, Kurt Angle Relationship With Bernthal’s Wife

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This article is about Erin Angle, the wife of actor Jon Bernthal, well known for his role in the television series “The Walking Dead.” Continue reading to learn more about her.

Erin Angle and her Husband

On September 10, 2010, the pair married in Potomac, Maryland. Erin Angle was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Cindy Abbondanza Angle and an unknown father, one of Kurt Angle’s four siblings.

Erin Angle is a nurse, but she also works as a stay-at-home parent or housewife.

She formerly worked as a trauma nurse at both Georgetown University Medical Center and the University of Southern California Hospital.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1998 and her master’s degree in anesthesiology from the University of Southern California in 2008.

Erin Angle’s net worth is believed to be $2.5 million. Her nursing work provided the majority of her wealth.

Erin Angle is the niece of Kurt Angle, a well-known American actor and wrestler.

Personal Life of Erin

After dating for a few years, Erin Angle and Jon Bernthal married on September 25, 2010 in Potomac, Maryland, United States.

Alma Becker, Jon’s acting teacher, married them off. Jon is a year older than Erin. He was born in 1976, and she in 1977.

Sarah of “Engaging Affairs” arranged the wedding, and “Occasions Caterers” provided the catering. Remona did the bridal hair and Pattie did the make-up.

The tent was built by “Skyline Tent Company,” and the floral decorations were designed by “The Enchanted Florist.”

The music for the event was provided by “Celebrated Strings,” while Edsel West performed live music.


FAQs on Erin Angle

1. How Old is Erin?

She is 46 years old

2. Which University did she Attend?

She attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania

3. Which Year did she Graduate from the University?

She graduated in the year 1998

4. Which University did she Obtain her Master Degree from?

She obtained it from the University of Southern California

5. Which Course did she Study in the University?

She studied Nursing

6. Which Year did she Obtain her Master Degree?

She obtained it in the year 2008

7. What is Erin’s Net Worth?

Her net worth is $2.5 million

8. What is Erin’s Occupation?

She is a Nurse

9. Which Year did  Erin Angle and Jon Bernthal Marry?

They married in the year 2010

10. Does Erin have Children?

Yes, she has

As pets, the family has three dogs. They have three Pitbulls named Bam, Boss, and Venice. They formerly owned English Mastiffs. Erin, her husband Jon, their children, and their family live in Ojai, California.


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