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Erin Ireland, 10 Fun Facts About Erin Ireland

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Erin Ireland is a food journalist and plant-loving home cook who enjoys vegan foods and products.Continue reading to know more about her

Profile Summary

Name Erin Ireland
Age 30
Gender Female
Nationality Canadian
Profession Instagram Star
Married/Single Married
Husband Darren Yada
Instagram @erinireland
Twitter @erinireland

Who is Erin Married to?

She is married to Darren Yada, with whom she vowed in front of their loved ones to support and inspire in good and bad times.

Erin and Darren have two daughters named Roes and River.

Erin Ireland Cookbook And Recipes

Erin Ireland is a Food & Restaurant Reporter based in Vancouver. She had a passion for baking banana bread since she was a child. She has published several articles on Instagram and her business website Itstodiefor about healthy and delicious vegan recipes

Her must-try recipes from Its Do Die For include appetizers, beverages, breakfast, smoothies, launch, and many more.

Some Facts About Erin Ireland

  1. Her astrological sign is Leo. 
  2. Erin is well-known for her vegan recipes
  3. Erin is happily married to Darren Yada and lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. 
  4. Roes and River are her two daughters. 
  5. Erin is a 223k-follower Instagram influencer from Canada. She had made 3k posts. 
  6. She is a vegan activist who has taken part in several vegan rallies and influenced the consumer industry. 
  7. Erin Ireland, a Canadian food journalist, tweets as @erinireland. 
  8. She has a verified Twitter account with 22. k followers. 
  9. She has also delivered a TED Talk.
  10. Erin Ireland celebrates her birthday on July 28

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is Ireland Called Erin?

Erin is a Hiberno-English word for Ireland originating from the Irish word “Éirinn”.

  1. What is Erin in Irish?

In Gaelic Baby Names the meaning of the name Erin is: Ireland. Peace.

  1. How Common is Erin?

Erin was the 578th most popular girls name and 3158th most popular boys name. 

  1. What is the Difference Between Éire and Erin?

While Éire is simply the name for the island of Ireland in the Irish language, and sometimes used in English, Erin is a common poetic name for Ireland, as in Erin go bragh. The distinction between the two is one of the difference between cases of nouns in Irish.

  1. What Colour is Erin?

Erin is a color that is halfway between green and spring green on the color wheel.

  1. Is Erin a Popular Name in Ireland?

In Northern Ireland, they place Erin as the 5th most popular girl’s name and it’s ranked #37 in Ireland itself (2009).

  1. Does Erin mean Ireland Forever?

What does Erin go Bragh mean? Based on an Irish phrase meaning “Ireland forever,” Erin go Bragh is a popular expression of loyalty to, or affection for, Ireland and its people and culture.

  1. Who is the Most Famous Erin?

Erin Brockovich is the most famous person named Erin.

  1. What is the Personality of Erin?

Erin is a name that implies a pioneering spirit. You are a natural born leader, highly focused, and achievement oriented. Enduring hardship to try out new things come naturally to you. 

      10. What is the Most Popular Irish Girl Name?

Sophia. Molly. Saoirse. Sadie. Evie. Kate. Aoife. Freya.

Erin is an independent, purpose-driven bakery owner who wants to show that vegan baking is better for animals, the environment, and product consumers. You can leave a comment and share it below.








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