Esfand- Twitch Streamer Profile & Bio, Gaming Origins
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EsfandTV – Twitch Streamer Profile & Bio, Gaming Origins

– Esfand –

Esfand is an American Twitch Streamer, Youtube Star, Model, and Instagram Star. He has appeared in a number of videos.He became well-known for his acts.
As a result, He has a large fan base, and he is one of the most popular boys on Instagram. On Instagram, he usually posts Gameplays, fashionable outfits, and Fun videos.

Profile Summary

  • Name: unknown
  • Age: 30
  • Birthday: 4th July
  • Nationality: US
  • Hometown: Austin, TX
  • Ethnicity: Persian
  • Aliases: The Ret Bull
  • Streams: VarietyWorld of Warcraft
  • Team: OTK
  • Former Teams: Method

Name Origins

Esfand refers to a Persian spice.

Gaming Origins

EsfandTV first began playing MMORPGs as a child with the Dark Age of Camelot.
Esfandtv had been playing World of Warcraft since November 29, 2004, but only for fun. He had aspirations of becoming a football coach.
However, while in college, he was injured and was unable to play. He continued to work with coaches as an assistant for two years while in college, but the position he was pursuing fell through. It was a week after graduation, and he still didn’t have a job.

One of his friends told him about the ‘Elysium’ Horde guild on WoW.

He decided to join the guild and create some videos just to keep himself occupied while he looked for work. This was in April 2017.

After around three months, he decided to start live-streaming and attracted 50 viewers during his first stream.

He, therefore, continued to do it and eventually reached 500-600 viewers per stream and considered becoming a full-time streamer.

One of his friends told him about the ‘Elysium’ Horde guild on World of Warcraft. He decided to join the guild and make some videos to keep himself busy while he looked for work.

This happened in April of 2017. After about three months, he decided to start live-streaming and received 50 viewers during his first stream.

As a result, he kept doing it, eventually reaching 500-600 viewers per stream and considering becoming a full-time streamer.

He was banned, however, for streaming on a private server, which dashed his hopes. He then messed around for a few months, trying to figure out what else he could do.

Then he did research and became friends with Asmongold and Mcconnell, with whom he played PUBG almost every night. They advised him to keep grinding on a non-vanilla WoW server.

For the next few months, he barely made any money from his streams and was turned down for a Twitch partnership.

He was then approached by the new SMU football staff to help them with part-time coaching. He accepted the job as a backup plan while he continued to work hard.

Professional Gaming

Fortunately, people took notice of him, and he gradually grew. However, he was still unable to play Vanilla WoW, so he was forced to play other games.
His big break came when he attended Dreamhack 2018, and his channel exploded. Esfandtv was finally partnered and had 1,000 subscribers, allowing him to pursue full-time streaming.
He made the switch a few months later and has been streaming full-time ever since. He was finally able to return to his main game after the release of WoW Classic. And he is most famous for his Paladin Ret play.
He credits his success to all of the other streamers who encouraged and advised him during his grind, including Trainwreckstv, Professor Akali, and Sodapoppin, among others.
He joined Method’s stream team in February 2019 and will stay with them until the middle of 2020. In October 2020, he founded his own team, OTK.


Esfandtv has over 8,660 subscribers, which should earn him at least $21,650 USD per month, excluding tips, advertisements, sponsorships, and Twitch cheer bit contributions.

Streaming Hours

He doesn’t keep a regular schedule.


Jinny, a popular Twitch streamer, became emotional on stream after informing her viewers that she would be leaving Texas, where she currently resides with fellow streamer Esfand.

EsfandTV, also known as Esfand, is a 30-year-old Persian-born American livestreamer. He is best known for his participation in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) World of Warcraft Classic.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jinny had been staying with fellow streamer Esfand, and the two had created a lot of great content and developed an extremely close friendship.


31 years old

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