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Fawn McKay’s popular tweet claims she was dismissed from her nursing job because of her OnlyFans account, but what really happened? Continue reading to learn more.


OnlyFans has grown in popularity as a way for people to earn extra money as a side hustle or, for those who perform well, as a full-time job.

According to one viral tweet, author Fawn McKay’s side enterprise became full-time via no fault of her own.

However, all is not as it appears.

Fawn McKay’s tweet includes a screenshot of what appears to be a text conversation between her and her mother.

She receives a text message containing a CNN report about her firing as a nurse for being an OnlyFans founder.

“Fawn McKay, 22, a registered nurse in Florida, grabbed headlines after her OnlyFans video with a patient goes viral,” according to the image, which has now been carried as a story by certain outlets.

Fawn claims that the patient tested negative prior to hooking up and…”

“And no, he didn’t have covid, and stop asking for the vid, it’s literally on my OnlyFans lol,” Fawn tweeted later. She later tweeted about the report, saying, “Not how I imagined my 2021 to go.”

The story sounds entertaining, but it is not true and does not exist online. If that isn’t enough evidence, the supposed piece misspells OnlyFans and uses wrong tenses, which isn’t really CNN’s style.

At the time of publication, the tweets posted on April 22nd and 23rd had earned over 5,000 likes.

Rachel Rain 

Similarly, OnlyFans creator Rachel Rain published a nearly identical now-deleted screenshot of a conversation with her mother on Twitter.

The dialogue follows the same style as the viral Fawn McKay tweet, with the mother instead sending a The Shade Room piece.

Similarly, this article does not exist online, and the tweet has since been removed.

At Rachel Rain’s tweet in September 2020, individuals on sites like Quora were asking if the story was true

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FAQs on Fawn Mckay

1. Who is  Fawn Mckay?

She is a nurse that was fired from  work because of her OnlyFans account

2. Why was  Fawn Mckay Fired?

The nurse got fired for her appearance on that platform only.

3. What did she say About her being Fired?

She took to Twitter to publish an article stating that the nurse was fired after a video of her with one of her patients went viral.

The nurse shared the article on Twitter, writing that that was not how she had expected her year to go. The article also appears to be a screen capture of a text conversation.

Her mother seems to have texted her a screenshot of the news that she had been sacked from her job after being discovered to be involved with the specified platform.

4. What is Fawn Mckay’s Real Name?

Her real name is unknown

5. How Old is Fawn?

Her age is unknown

6. Is Fawn Married?

This is unknown

7. How much is her Salary?

This information is unknown

8. Is Fawn in a Relationship?

This information is unknown to the public

9. Is Fawn still Alive?

Yes, she is

10. Has Fawn Found Another Job?

It is unknown to the public

Fawn McKay was fired as a result of footage she put on her onlyfans account. Do you believe the hospital was correct to fire her? Please leave a remark and share your thoughts in the box below.


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