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Forrie J Smith: How Old Is The Actor Who Plays Llyod In Yellowstone?

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This article is about Forrie J. Smith, a well-known stuntman and actor in Hollywood.

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Forrie J. Smith was born in the year 1959 in Helena, Montana. He grew up on his grandfather’s ranch.

He was raised on the ranch and was taught to do various chores as a child.

His family enjoyed the rodeo, and he competed in his first rodeo when he was eight years old.

His parents have also accomplished horseback riders. Unfortunately, Smith’s father left the company when he was 52 years old.

Forrie J Smith will be 63 years old. He rose to prominence as Lloyd Pierce on the Paramount Network’s hit series Yellowstone.

As a young child, he was taught to perform various tasks around the property.

His family was also a rodeo fan, and he entered his first rodeo when he was eight years old. Both of his parents were accomplished horseback riders.

Forrie J. Smith’s Career and Net Worth

When Forrie was six years old, he fell off a horse and discovered his passion for stunts.

In the 1980s, he began his career as a bit actor and stuntman in Hollywood.

Forrie’s first film project was a remake of the film Stagecoach.

It starred Willie Nelson, one of country music’s all-time greats. He got the part because he was the only person who could rope a guy on the roof.

Later, he was cast as a stuntman in the television film Desperado. Forrie honed his stunt and acting skills over the years.

Lawrence Parks taught him acting lessons, where he learned to analyze the script and his character.

Forrie’s Social Media

Forrie has a personal Instagram account called @forriejsmithcowboy, where he posts photos of himself.

The majority of his photos are of his family, trips, and various random shots from his daily life.

There are also images from his film and television work. They can also find more of his personal photographs on his Facebook page.

There are numerous photographs of him with his rodeo buddies. Forrie also shares photos from his rodeo days.

What Happens to Llyod in Yellowstone

Throughout Season 4, Lloyd Pierce and Walker have had a running feud as they compete for the love of barrel racer Laramie.

Lloyd, who has worked as a ranch hand at Yellowstone for over 30 years, tried to show off his seniority by herding some cattle in episode 4, only for Walker to mock him.

Lloyd’s predicament was exacerbated when John Dutton publicly chastised him for looking away from the task at hand.

Back in the bunkhouse, Walker said something else that aggravated Lloyd’s wounds, prompting Llyod to kick out at Walker and start a fight.

To deal with the stew, Rip beats Lloyd for inciting the brawl, despite the fact that fighting is forbidden in the bunkhouse.

Is Llyod Leaving Yellowstone?

Lloyd has no plans to leave Yellowstone for the time being, but recent events have cast doubt on his future on the ranch.

Neither Lloyd’s actor, Forrie J. Smith, nor Yellowstone executives have indicated that the character will be leaving, according to The Cinemaholic.

Some fans, however, believe that the incident was the first step in Lloyd’s departure from the Yellowstone Ranch.

The next few episodes promise to be exciting as Lloyd deals with the aftermath of the battle.

Many people believe that either Lloyd will rise and become stronger, taking on the leadership role he desires, or he will crumble under pressure and leave the ranch.

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1. How old is Forrie J Smith?

He is 63 years old

2. Where was Forrie J Smith Born?

He was born in Helena

3. Who is Llyod?

Llyod is Forrie J Smith

4. Does Lylod want to Leave Yellowstone?

No, he does not

5. Is Forrie Married?

Yes, he is married

6. What is Forrie’s Net Worth?

His net worth is $1.5 million

7. Is Forrie on Instagram?

Yes, he is on Instagram

8. What is Forrie’s Instagram Handle?

@forriejsmithcowboy is his Instagram handle

9. When did he Enter his First Rodeo

He entered his first rodeo when he was eight years old.

10. How many Years have Forrie Worked with Yellowstone?

He has worked with Yellowstone for over thirty years

Forrie J Smith is Dutton’s ranch’s longest-serving and most devoted employee. Forrie’s character first appeared on the show as a guest star in season one.

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