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Fuslie and Edison Respond to Dating Rumors After Surprise Twitch Stream

The two popular twitch streamers Fuslie and Edison who were together announced their break on the internet. Though some think it is a rumor and some don’t whatever the case lets read down to confirm

Fuslie and Edison were separated for more than a month, but they weren’t sure how to tell their fans.

Their relationship began in April 2016. At the end of his world record stream, Edison got down on one knee and proposed to her live on camera. And since then, the two have been engaged.

They finally announced their breakup to the public. Fuslie said that they are still in good terms even if they have gone their separate ways, however, they wish not to tell the reason why they broke up.

She said, “Please respect his and my privacy about this, and don’t bother us about details or question us about why.” “Just know we love each other very much, but ultimately grew apart to the point where we both agree breaking up is what’s best for both of us.”

Two months later, Edison pranked their fans by saying that the two of them are back together. “We’re not back together, guys,” Edison clarified.

He continued, “Listen, we’re just trying to show that just because you break up, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be terrible or done with malice in mind or anything.”



Though they have broken up, the two seem to still be on good terms, still friendly, and are making an effort to set a good example for how breakups should be: amicable, understanding, and still leaving a salvageable relationship behind.

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