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Dude Perfect Debunk Garrett Hilbert Death Rumors in Viral TikTok

In a viral TikTok, YouTube comedy group ‘Dude Perfect’ confirmed member Garrett Hilbert is still alive after rumors spread that the influencer had died.

Dude Perfect is a massively popular YouTuber collective with over 56 million subscribers.

Cody Jones, Tyler Toney, twins Cory and Coby Cotton, and Garrett Hilbert make up the squad.

All the dudes in Dude Perfect were roommates at Texas A&M before launching their joint YouTube channel.

They performed various outrageous challenges, trick shots, and stunts.

Dude Perfect is YouTube’s most subscribed sports channel and the 18th most subscribed YouTube channel overall

However, their usual atmosphere of carefree fun was disrupted earlier this month by some shocking rumors.

The Sky News

Sky News reported that member Garrett Hilbert died on September 4, stating in an article that he was “killed in a fatal car accident.”

According to the article, the group was waiting for Hilbert to arrive to film a video when they received a call from his wife “crying her eyes out,” saying he has been hit by a truck. 

The article was most likely inspired by similar rumors that circulated on social media days before.

However, Hilbert is not dead, it was just all a rumor

On September 15, the official Dude Perfect TikTok account posted a video in which a screenshot of the Sky News article.


The video has received over 1.5 million views, with fans feeling relieved, amused, and outraged after hearing that one of Dude Perfect’s members had died.

Thankfully, all members of Dude Perfect have been found, but it doesn’t appear that the rumors are bothering the YouTubers too much.


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