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Here’s How ‘Port Protection’ Star Gary Muehlberger Died

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This is the story of Gary Muehlberger, the star of ‘Port Protection.’ Continue reading to learn the entire tale.

One of Port Protection, Alaska’s most adored residents has died. Gary Muehlberger was one of seven characters on the Life Below Zero spinoff Port Protection, and he was universally appreciated.

Life Below Zero confirmed his death, prompting many fans to wonder how the cast member perished.It was announced after his Port Protection home was destroyed by fire

Gary Muehlberger Died most likely as a Result of a Fire in his Home

According to various local sources, the Alaska State Troopers got a report at about 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, March 17 that Gary’s residence had been completely destroyed by fire.

Because Gary hasn’t been seen since it’s assumed he was at home at the time of the fire.

However, many Port Protection residents reported seeing “human remains among the fire ashes.” According to one Reddit user, the same factors that make Port Protection so interesting to watch are also what make it perilous for its people.

Many people believe Gary was attempting to repair his propane hot water tank when it exploded. Gary most certainly had a fire extinguisher, but it was insufficient to put out a propane tank gas explosion.

This, combined with the town’s seclusion and lack of an established fire brigade, makes its conditions considerably more dangerous than we think.

Gary Muehlberger’s Fans

Gary Muehlberger’s life is being remembered by many individuals, from fans to friends.

“We’re tremendously heartbroken to learn of the demise of Gary Muehlberger, a legend to the Port Protection Alaskan community and the Life Below Zero brand,” commented the official Life Below Zero Facebook page. He had a massive nose.

However, he had a huge heart, embodied so much of the human spirit, and welcomed the rest of the world into his life with open arms.

He will be greatly missed. Love and prayers to all who loved for him.”

Another user, who knew Gary personally, said, “We are deeply devastated by this loss.” Gary was our childhood friend. My brother died of cancer last June, and he and Gary were best friends.

I hope they’re out fishing right now. We had a great time watching him at Life Below Zero. It was a relationship we never expected to have. He was content with his life.

His sense of humor and the twinkle in his eyes were only two of his many distinguishing characteristics.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Happened to Gary Muehlberger, the Port Protection Officer?

Gary died in March 2021, much to the dismay of many Port Protection Alaska watchers. According to KTOO, Gary died in an unintentional house fire.

2. Is Litzi from Port Protection still Alive?

John Bean responded and informed the group that Litzi had died from ovarian cancer.

3. What Happened to the Old Man on Port Protection?

Gary Muehlberger perished in the fire that destroyed his home earlier this month, according to the State Medical Examiner.

4. Are Hans and Timbi still Under Guard in Port?

Hans, Timbi Porter, and Amanda Makar all departed the program after the second season; officially, this is the show’s fourth season.

5. What Happened to Andy Bassich?

Andy Bassich was living in Alaska when he sustained a potentially fatal hip injury.

6. On Port Protection, what Happened to Litzi’s Husband?

Johnny had severe brain injuries and was placed in a medically induced coma

7. How did Litzi lose his Arm?

Litzi has chosen not to reveal the circumstances surrounding her arm loss. On Port Protection, she’s an intriguing and charming figure, but she doesn’t divulge much about herself.

8. How did Curly Leach make his Money?

Curly does not trust in money and instead relies on trading to obtain what he requires. His principal responsibilities at Port Protection are fishing and firewood collection.

9. Is Mary Miller of Port Protection married?

Bill Simpson

10. Is Life Below Zero a True Story?

The Kavik River Camp from ‘Life Below Zero’ is a real place that you can visit and stay at.

There were almost 2,000 comments from people expressing their sorrow and affection for Gary in response. “Gary was my favorite part of the show,” one commenter said. He was always on the move, and nothing could slow him down. You can comment on yours below and share

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