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Gautam Kitchlu (Busine sman) Biography, Wiki, Family, Net Worth & More

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Gautam Kitchlu is an Indian businessman who gained news after marrying Kajal Aggarwal, an Indian actress. Everyone now wants to learn everything they can about him.

Brief Biography of Gautam Kitchlu

Gautam Kitchlu was born in the Indian state of Maharashtra, in the city of Mumbai. He is a well-known billionaire entrepreneur.

He is 40 years old, having been born on August 16, 1982. Because he comes from a wealthy family with a strong business background, he is also an entrepreneur and an IT professional.

His mother works as a published author.

He attended Cathedral and John Cannon Public Schools in Mumbai and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Tufts University, Massachusetts, and Textile Developments from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

Furthermore, he has a Marketing MBA in Finance from INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France.

Gautam is a strong believer in the Hindu religion. Mr. Kitchlu, a well-known businessman, is his father’s name, and Dheera Kitchlu, an author, crochet aficionado, and experimenting artist is his mother’s name.

Gauri Kitchlu is his sister’s name, she is an entrepreneur, and she married Nitin Nayar.

There is apparently a brother, according to reports, although he is yet unknown.

On social media, he has a sizable fan base. Leo is his zodiac sign. Gautam Kitchlu is a well-known Indian entrepreneur.

He made headlines after marrying Kajal, a well-known actress. He and his siblings grew up in a wealthy family.

Gautam’s Relationship

According to Social Media Reports, he is exclusively in a love relationship with actress Kajal Agarwal, with whom he married on October 30, 2020.

They had an affair before they got married. Except for a dog named Mia, they don’t have any children. However, Gautam Kitchlu announced on social media that he and Kajal Aggarwal are expecting their first child.

On Saturday, Gautam posted a photo of Kajal to his Instagram account with the comment “Here’s looking at you 2022.”

The emoji of a pregnant woman following the caption drew the attention of the admirers.

Fans swarmed the comment sections with expressions of congratulations for the pair. One fan said, “The most beautiful moment of both of your life.”

Another joked, “Junior Gautam or Junior Kajal is coming.”

Gautam and Kajal just celebrated their one anniversary, and both of them uploaded photos of two themselves on social media. “Wishing you a happy first anniversary, my love.”

“I’m not sure how this year has gone by so quickly, but it’s been one of the most amazing I’ve ever experienced.

When your BFF, 4 a.m. buddy, exercise buddy, and travel companion are all one person, life is easier.

Gautam had said in his post, “Super eager for what lies ahead.”

On October 17th, 2021, the pair announced the puppy as a member of their family on Instagram.

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Physical Appearance

Gautam Kitchlu is a dashing young man with a charming demeanor. He has an excellent physique and body measurements, as well as a powerful body build.

He stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs roughly 78 kilograms.

His black hair complements his lovely attitude, as do his hypnotic black eyes. He smokes and consumes alcoholic beverages.

While introducing the dog, his wife, Kajal, told their fans that she has a dog fear and that her husband has always been a dog lover because he grew up with pets and understands how to interact with them.

She went on to say that she has resolved to be more inclusive and share the love as a result of their marriage.

She can’t wait to see how the future unfolds, she says, because Mia is already lavishing her with embraces, kisses, and delight.

Career and Net Worth

Gautam began his career with Merrill Lynch as a summer analyst in 2001. In 2003, he became a director at Tracon Export Services Ltd, where he worked for six years.

In 2009, he was promoted to the position of strategic and commercial intelligence at KPMG Transaction Services.

He spent a year as the Vice President of Fab Furnish Company in 2012.

He did, however, co-found and act as the CEO of his own company, The Elephant, an online retail company, in 2013.

Gautam later founded Discern Living, an interior design firm, in 2015. This company provides designer furniture, decor, artwork, and other household items in addition to designing homes and offices.

He ran in the 2018 Tata Mumbai Marathon, and on October 6, 2020, he announced his engagement on Instagram.

Gautam Kitchlu has an estimated net worth of $8 million dollars (Rs 60 Crores). He is one of Banglore’s highest-paid interior designers.

The entrepreneur’s car collection is valued at $8 million dollars. He is far too enamored of his automobiles. He began driving a four-wheel vehicle when he was 19 years old.

Other Interesting Kitchlu Facts

He used to be a cricket and basketball player. He also enjoys running the Marathon every year.

His hobbies include traveling, playing with pets, and listening to music in his spare time.

In several instances, he has been seen smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol.

Gautam is an animal enthusiast who owns a Beagle dog as a pet. He has visited many countries, including South Africa, Cuba, England, Massachusetts, and others.

Kitchlu is a devoted follower of Lord Ganesha and is also well-known on social media, with over 70 thousand Instagram followers.

Gautam is passionate about all things design, but he still makes time for his family. If you ask me, it’s a lovely combination.

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