Gena O'Kelley's bio: What is known about Chuck Norris’ wife?

Gena O’Kelley’s bio: What is known about Chuck Norris’ wife?

Chuck Norris is well-known as a martial artist and actor. Aside from his professional life, he is a husband and father. His wife is Gena O’Kelley, a former model and television personality.

She featured on a few television shows before stepping away from the spotlight owing to health issues.

Although Gena O’Kelley had been in the public eye for years, she was little known until she became Chuck Norris’ significant other.

Continue reading to learn about who she is, her work, and her family life.

Profile summary

Full name Gena O’Kelley
Other names Gena Norris
Gender Female
Date of birth 10th August 1963
Age 58 years (as of 2022)
Place of birth Ryan, Oklahoma, United States of America
Current residence Texas, United States of America
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Zodiac sign Leo
Religion Christianity
Sexuality Straight
Height in feet 5′ 5″
Height in centimeters 165
Weight in pounds 57
Weight in kilograms 126
Body measurements in inches 32-28-32
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Dark brown
Marital status Married
Husband Chuck Norris
Ex-husband Gordon Hinschberger
Children 2
Father Alan Gordon O’Kelley
Mother Annette M.Kelly
Siblings 3
Profession Former model, actress, and celebrity wife

Who is Chuck Norris’ wife?

The actor’s wife’s name is Gena O’Kelley. She was a model and television personality in the past.

How old is Gena O’Kelley now?

Chuck Norris’ wife’s age? Chuck Norris’ wife will be 58 years old in 2022. She was born on August 10, 1963, in Ryan, Oklahoma, in the United States of America.

Her nationality is American, and she is White.

Family background

Alan Gordon O’Kelley is the former television personality’s father, and Annette M.Kelly is her mother.

Alan worked for Hewlett-Packard and Kunde Estate Winery as a safety officer. He died in 2008 of an unexplained illness.

She has three brothers and sisters. Her brother’s name is Eric, while her sisters’ names are Maureen and Elizabeth.


Gena began her modeling career after finishing her schooling. She appeared in countless commercials and was named the spokeswoman for several well-known brand names.

Gena was regarded as one of the most trendy and appealing models.

She was a television personality who appeared in a few television shows in addition to modeling.

Television series Year Role
Yes, Dear 2003 Self
Praise 2006 Self (host)
Hannity 2009 Self
The Factor 2012 Self
TV2 Nyhetene 2019 Self (interviewee)

What is Gena O’Kelley’s net worth?

There is no public information available on Gena’s net worth. However, it is public knowledge that her husband, Chuck Norris, has a net worth of approximately $70 million.

Is Chuck Norris still married to Gena?

Chuck Norris, the actor, is still married to the former model. The couple has been married for 23 years. A year after meeting, they exchanged vows on November 28, 1998.

The former model was previously married to Gordon Hinschberger before marrying Chuck.


The former model is the mother of twins named Danilee Kelly Norris and Dakota Alan Norris. The twins were born on August 30, 2001.

They were born two months early and were admitted to the intensive care unit for three months.
Chuck Norris was how old when his twins were born? When his twins were born, the iconic actor was 61 years old.

Her first marriage resulted in two more children, Kelley and Tim. Chuck, on the other hand, has three older children from prior marriages.

Gena O’Kelley’s illness

The former model has scorching nerve agony and kidney issues. Her major health problems began in 2013 when she had an injection before an MRI scan to look for rheumatoid arthritis.

A patient is given a dye prior to an MRI scan to help determine if there are any problems with certain organs, blood arteries, or tissues.

The dye allegedly poisoned her body, prompting her husband to sue some of the dye’s manufacturers.

In just eight days, the former model received three gadolinium injections. Within hours of the first dose, she stated she felt like her body was on fire.

She sought medical assistance and was told she could not have gadolinium poisoning.

Is Chuck Norris’ wife all right now? Gena’s health is still not good, despite the fact that she is in a stable state. She receives medical attention at home.

Where is Gena O’Kelley now?

The ex-model is currently relaxing at home. She rarely appears in front of the cameras since her health problems began.

Chuck Norris, her spouse, gave up his film career to focus on her care. The actor stated that his entire life is currently focused on keeping her alive since he adores her.

Her husband and she are active in humanitarian activity. They work together to benefit a variety of causes, including the Veterans Administration’s National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans.

Gena O’Kelley’s height and weight

Chuck Norris’ wife stands 5′ 5″ or 165 centimeters tall and weighs approximately 126 pounds or 57 kilos.

Her body dimensions are 32-28-32 inches, and she has blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

Quick facts about Gena O’Kelley

  • She is 23 years younger than her husband.
  • Mike, Eric, and Dina Norris are her stepchildren’s names.
  • In 2009, she starred in a Total Gym infomercial hosted by her husband and Christie Brinkley.

Gena O’Kelley is best known as the wife of actor Chuck Norris. She is a former model and television personality who retired from the public eye owing to health issues.

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