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2nd Genshin Anniversary Date, Concert, and Rewards 2022

After the release of the 3.1 updates, HoYoverse and Genshin Impact celebrated their second anniversary on September 28, 2022.

The company brought a lot of new stuff for everyone to enjoy, most of of of which is completely free. Throughout the update’s duration, players received a little of everything, from Primogems to ascension materials.

HoYoverse’s seven-day log-in event, “Path of Gleaming Jade,” will return. However, over time, the company distributed 1600 Primogems via in-game email, along with interactive cosmetics and a permanent companion. In addition to two new Sumeru characters, the 3.1 updates included a rerun.

Genshin Impact Anniversary Rewards

1. 1600 Primogems and 10 intertwined fate

A total of 20 free wishes were distributed to everyone, including ascension materials such as Hero’s Wit, Mora, and even Fragile Resin.

They rewarded players with a total of ten intertwined fates, as well as a handful of Mora, Hero’s Wit, and Mystic Enhancement Ores.

In addition, players received 1600 Primogems via four emails, with four Fragile Resins, Jumpy Dumpty Party Popper, and Cloud Retainer’s Damasked Device as permanent companions.

2. Character Banners in Genshin Impact

Players could choose between two 5-star characters and one new 4-star character. Cyno and Venti were the featured characters in their respective wish events, with Candace appearing in both banners.

Both of their wish events begin on September 28 and end on October 14. The 3.1 updates also added two new 4-star weapons, Missive Windspear and Makhaira Aquamarine.

Players were excited to learn that Cyno will be an Electro Polearm DPS among the new characters. Candace’s equipment, meanwhile, hints at her tank capabilities.

3. Other Occurrences

Throughout the update, Genshin Impact hosted a flagship event as well as minor events. Typically, flagship events are monumental and occur only once a year.



The Genshin Impact 2nd Anniversary was celebrated two years after the game’s initial release, with various rewards and festivities available for players to partake in.

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