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Cobra Kai’ Star Gianni Shares His Version of Demetri’s Home Life

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Many of the characters on Cobra Kai are undergoing exciting transformations, but one of the most heartening is Demetri’s transformation throughout the series. Continue reading to learn more.

 Gianni DeCenzo Version of Demetri’s Home Life

It’s all very exciting, but one of the main reasons Demetri’s growth stands out from the arcs experienced by the rest of the Cobra Kai ensemble is that he manages to do it all while never compromising who he is.

Yes, Demetri had to overcome some self-doubt and improve his karate work ethic, but when it comes to his morals and personal interests, he has remained true to who he was at the start of the series.


During my interview with DeCenzo and his Cobra Kai co-stars, Jacob Bertrand and Xolo Mariduea, I chose to ask what’s fueling Demetri’s explosive growth.

Every single main character on this show has fallen to the dark side at some point in order to get what they want, but not him. Why is this the case? DeCenzo’s perspective:

“I like to think Demetri has always been this nerdy character, and I created a background for him and kind of a family, home life’ to kind of justify some of Demetri’s actions.”

Just like parents who instilled in their children, ‘Hey, don’t be a bully,’ you know? That is significant.

Cobra Kai

I just think it’s cool that Demetri has always been this nerd and he’s never really compromised, [or considered] going to the dark side, despite the fact that he’s had numerous opportunities to join Cobra Kai.

One of which resulted in him being flipped and another in him having his nose broken. But Demetri will never be a dark-sided person.”

DeCenzo admitted he was hesitant to share specifics about that background because the information isn’t canon:

“I’m always nervous about sharing it because I don’t want the writers to be like, ‘No! That is not the case at all.’ ‘I’m sorry!’ I say.

‘I’m making do with what I’ve got!’ You know, he only got the last name in Season 4… but we still don’t know anything about his personal life.”

Bertrand chimed in, emphasizing, “He’s Greek,” a fact confirmed when we finally learned his full name, Demetri Alexopoulos, in Season 4, Episode 9. DeCenzo went on:

“I kind of imagine his home life is a single mom who’s a paralegal or something, so she’s pretty smart, but she doesn’t have a lot of time to be around, and that’s how I kind of justified her not being at the tournament or being there when he breaks his arm because I feel like that would be a big deal.”


FAQs on Gianni DeCenzo

1. Is Gianni DeCenzo Dating Anyone?

Melissa Rivera is the actor’s girlfriend.

2. Where does Gianni DeCenzo Live now?

Santa Clarita Valley

3. Where was Gianni Born?

He was born in Los Angeles

4. How did Gianni DeCenzo get his Start in Acting?

Decenzo began his career as Jonathan Prescott in the short film The Lucky One.

Later in his career, he appeared in several TV shows, including The Middle, Liv and Maddie, and Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street.

Decenzo landed the recurring role of Arthur Pickwickle in 100 Things to Do Before High School in 2015

5. Is Gianni DeCenzo  Diabetic ?

Gianni was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 15 years old.

6. What is Gianni’s Net Worth?

His net worth is $one million

7. How Old is Gianni DeCenzo ?

He is 21 years old

8.  Is Gianni on TikTok?

Yes, he is on TikTok

9. How Old was Gianni when he Started Acting?

He was just 8 years old

10. Is he Really a Native of California?

Yes, he is

In addition, he has appeared in episodes of the TV show Dark Wall, The Middle, The League, Eagleheart, Back in the Game, Liv and Maddie, Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street, and others.

Gianni Decenzo has appeared in a number of short films and television films, including Saint Francis and Il Mantello.

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