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Who is Gijs van der Most? Meet Michelle Buteau Husband And Family

– Gijs Van Der Most –

Michelle Buteau has been married to Gijs van der Most since 2010, and the duo has had a lot of fun with their agency since then.

Michelle Buteau

Mitchelle was born on July 24, 1977, in New Jersey and is a well-known American stand-up comedian, actress, television host, and podcast host. 

Gijs, on the other hand, is a Dutch-born photographer.

She began performing stand-up comedy in 2011. She received her first television gig on Comedy Central almost 5 years after starting out as a stand-up comedian. 

Buteau attended Florida International University and pursued a career in journalism before turning to comedy.

Buteau is of mixed race and was born in New Jersey to a Haitian father of partly Lebanese ancestry and a Jamaican mother of half-French ancestry.

The couple has twins Hazel and Otis van der Most, who was delivered through surrogacy in January 2019. Michelle is a devout Catholic.

Gijs Van Der Most

Gijs van der Most are the television character Michelle Buteau’s spouse. As of 2022, the lovely pair had been together for 12 years.

He studied a variety of fancy footage at The Utrecht School of Arts (HKU) in the Netherlands. And, after only a few years in good old Amsterdam, he’s now based in Brooklyn, New York.

Gijs is a Dutch-born photographer who has stated in his Instagram bio @gidjezz that he is a Design addict and a reliable cook dinner. 

Despite the fact that his Instagram account is secret, he already has 701 followers and 507 posts.

He has a LinkedIn account and has included details about his footage there. He can be found on Twitter under the handle @GijsvanderMost.

The TV persona and the photographer appear to be about the same age in the photographs Michelle posts on her Instagram account. Both of them have made a good living from their jobs.

The couple appears younger than their actual age in the images, despite Michelle being in her 40s.

Net Worth of Gijs Van Der Most

The photographer’s name is Most appears to have a reliable quantity of internet worth. His primary source of revenue is the footage.

Aside from that, Van also possesses a collection of furniture and interior items inspired by Dutch Mid-Century Modern designs.

He may also require another prospective source of funding that has yet to be discovered. Buteau has been featured in the LPV journal, as well as Mossless and File Magazine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is Michelle Buteau Husband?

Gijs van der Most

  1. What Ethnicity is Michelle Buteau?

Buteau was born in New Jersey to a Haitian father of partial Lebanese descent and a Jamaican mother of half-French descent. She attended college at Florida International University and was considering a career in journalism before moving into comedy.

  1. Did Michelle Buteau have a Baby?

Eventually, she and her husband, Gijs van der Most, decided to use a gestational surrogate to carry their twins, Hazel and Otis

  1. What Nationality is Buteau?


  1. Does Michele Buteau have Children?

Otis van der Most and Hazel van der Most

  1. Did Michele Buteau have Twins?

Comedian Michelle Buteau thought the hard part was over when she and her husband welcomed twins after struggling with infertility.

  1. When did Michelle Buteau get Married?

31 July 2010

  1. What part of New Jersey is Michelle Buteau?

Buteau was born in Boonton. She spent the rest of her formative years across a more than 100-mile swath of the state. “I moved to Hamilton Trenton, Central Jersey, and then I did the last year of my ‘residency’ in Marlton because then at that point, both my parents worked in Philly,” Buteau says.

  1. Is Michelle Buteau a Haitian?

Buteau was born in New Jersey to a Haitian father of Lebanese descent and a Jamaican mother of half-French descent.

  1. Is Michelle Buteau married?

Gijs van der Most

The couple is gifted with twins who are three years old Michelle frequently posts photos of herself with her children and spouse on her Instagram account.







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