Amazing 100 Girl Names in Italy for Your Beautiful Angel 2020

Amazing 100 Girl Names in Italy for Your Beautiful Angel 2020.

Do you want your darling baby girl to have an Italian name that’s as unique as she is? Oh yes you should! Checkout the lists below.

Girl Names in Italian

Whether you have Italian roots or you simply love the way Italian names roll off the tongue, there are many choices of Italian names for your baby girl.

Traditionally, Italian parents choose their children’s names based on the name of a grandparent,by choosing names from the father’s side of the family first and also from the mother’s side.

Some Italians have also adopted the custom of naming a patron saint after their child. Also, you can keep this practice alive by knowing the Italian version of a name, even if one side of your family isn’t Italian.

Furthermore, even though you aren’t Italian, if you are looking for a lovely-sounding, romantic, feminine name, a number of Italian baby girl names are still definitely worth considering.

Here are some of Italy’s most gorgeous girl names to inspire you:

Girl Names in Italian

Gorgeous Girl Names in Italy

  • Greta: Meaning: Pearl
  • Honora: Meaning: Woman of Honor
  • Aria: Meaning: Air; Song; Melody
  • Edetta: Meaning: Unknown
  • Drusilla: Meaning: Fruitful or dewy-eyed
  • Teresa: Meaning: To Harvest
  • Jolanda: Meaning: Violet
  • Cristina: Meaning: Follower of Christ
  • Andrea: Meaning: Strong
  • Annabella: Meaning: Loving
  • Beatrice: Meaning: She Who Brings Happiness, Blessed
  • Ludovica: Meaning: famous warrior
  • Gia: Meaning: God’s Gracious Gift
  • Valentina: Meaning: Strong, healthy
  • Lia: Meaning: Weary
  • Chiara: Meaning: Light; Clear
  • Emilia: Meaning: Rival
  • Lelia: Meaning: Sweetly Speaking
  • Luisa: Meaning: famous battle
  • Milana: Meaning: From Milan
  • Antonella: Meaning: Firstborn; Praiseworthy
  • Elisabetta: Meaning: Italian form of “Elizabeth”, God of Plenty
  • Livia: Meaning: Envious, blue
  • Marcella: Meaning: Warlike
  • Carina: Meaning: Dear; Beloved
  • Luna: Meaning: Moon
  • Flavia: Meaning: Blonde, golden, yellow-haired
  • Giuseppina: Meaning: Italian form of “Phillipa”, Friend of horses
  • Ginevra: Meaning: Fair one, white wave, blessed
  • Sara: Meaning: Lady, princess, noblewoman
  • Lara: Meaning: Bright, talkative, citadel
  • Zeta: Meaning: Girl
  • Vivia: Meaning: Alive, Living, Life
  • Aida: Meaning: Happy
  • Giorgia: Meaning: Farmer
  • Margherita: Meaning: Daisy
  • Venetia: Meaning: Italian City
  • Viviana: Meaning: Life
  • Gemma: Meaning: Precious Stone

Girl Names in Italian

  • Mia: Meaning: Mine or Bitter
  • Rosanna: Meaning: Grace
  • Carmella: Meaning: Garden
  • Rachele: Meaning: Italian form of “Rachel”, One with Purity
  • Angelica: Meaning: Angelic
  • Micaela: Meaning: Who Is Like God
  • Rosa: Meaning: Rose
  • Aurora: Meaning: Dawn
  • Giada: Meaning: Jade
  • Angela: Meaning: Messenger of God; Angel
  • Vittoria: Meaning: Victory, triumphant
  • Bella: Meaning: Beautiful
  • Eleonora: Meaning: Shining light
  • Isabella: Meaning: Pledged to God
  • Martina: Meaning: Warlike
  • Serafina: Meaning: Ardent
  • Rosetta: Meaning: Splendid

Cute Girl Names in Italy

  • Benedetta: Meaning: Blessed
  • Gabriela: Meaning: God is my Strength
  • Arianna: Meaning: Very Holy
  • Sienna: Meaning: Orange-Red
  • Abriana: Meaning: Father of Multitudes
  • Terina: Meaning: Reap or Harvest
  • Daniella: Meaning: God is my Judge
  • Alice: Meaning: Noble type (German Adalheidis)
  • Emma: Meaning: Whole or universal
  • Mariella: Meaning: Wished for child; Bitter
  • Liliana: Meaning: Lily, a flower
  • Gaia: Meaning: Lively, Cheerful Humor
  • Giovanna: Meaning: God’s Gracious Gift
  • Carmen: Meaning: Ode, poem, or charm
  • Alessia: Meaning: Defending Warror
  • Elena: Meaning: Bright, Shining Light
  • Felice: Meaning: Lucky
  • Eloisa: Meaning: Healthy
  • Alessandra: Meaning: Defender of mankind
  • Giulia: Meaning: Youthful
  • Angelina: Meaning: Messenger of God; Angel
  • Carlotta: Meaning: Strong
  • Marisa: Meaning: Of The Sea
  • Stella: Meaning: Stat
  • Sancia: Meaning: Sacred
  • Imelda: Meaning: All-Consuming Fight
  • Elisa: Meaning: My God is a vow
  • Ilaria: Meaning: Cheerful, merry

Girl Names in Italian

  • Viola: Meaning: Violet
  • Bianca: Meaning: White
  • Paola: Meaning: Small
  • Luciana: Meaning: Light
  • Ninetta: Meaning: Little Girl
  • Marzia: Meaning: Italian form of “Marcia”, Approved
  • Donna: Meaning: Lady
  • Priscilla: Meaning: Ancient, classic, primordial
  • Laura: Meaning: Laurel Tree
  • Lucia: Meaning: Graceful Light
  • Serena: Meaning: Clear, tranquil, serene
  • Caterina: Meaning: Pure

In summary, You can perfectly choose a name that suits your girl personality. Do you have an idea of any Italian girl name that isn’t here? Lets see it in the comment box.

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