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5 Guilty Gear Strive Mods to Download on PC & Console in 2022

Guilty Gear Strive is one of the most impressive modern fighting games ever created. Characters, gameplay, and presentation are all exceptional, making this a sublime edition in this historical fighting franchise.

5 Guilty Gear Strive Mods to Download

Potato Mod

Guilty Gear Strive’s graphical fidelity can be decreased in numerous ways with the Potato Mod to enhance performance on older systems.

There’s also a lite version of this mod for those who don’t want the visual quality of the game to suffer too much.

Unfortunately, the Potato Mod does not transform the fighters into violent anime potatoes. Instead, it reduces the game’s resolution so that it may run on a wider range of PCs.

This is fantastic for individuals who own setups that fall short of the specifications. 

You may also play around with the mod to make it look more like a classic title. Guilty Gear Strive looks fantastic even when reduced to blocky textures.

50 Character Mod Pack Strive

This one gives 50 various re-skins for all the characters in the game, including many of the ones that exist as independent mods. 

The 50 Character Mod Pack truly opens the game up and adds hundreds more configurable options for your favorite fighters.

Jimmles HUD

Jimmles HUD is designed for professionals that wish to reduce screen clutter and focus on the activity.

We wouldn’t recommend this mod to casual players, but those who are familiar with the game may enjoy its minimalistic design.

The Stranger (Furi)

Furi is one of the most difficult and enjoyable games available, with a fantastic soundtrack and fascinating battle systems. 

This boss rush title is a popular favorite among dedicated gamers, and it has also gained recognition in the Guilty Gear Strive modding community.

Players can use this mod to replace Nagoriyuki’s skin with an outfit reminiscent of The Stranger from Furi. 

Playing as this protagonist in Guilty Gear Strive is sure to be fun.

OST Replacers Mod

Guilty Gear Strive’s soundtrack is amazing, with a comprehensive OST that makes each combat all the more fascinating to cope with. 

Having said that, battling veterans who have been playing Guilty Gear Strive for a while may think the vanilla tunes have lost their allure.

This patch allows you to replace the soundtrack with your own choice of songs.



Guilty Gear Strive was released on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 on June 11, 2021.

NexusMods and GameBanana both have the greatest Guilty Gear Strive mods. Interestingly, both sites have unique tweaks, so it’s worth visiting both. There aren’t as many Guilty Gear Strive mods as other PC games, and many of them are quite identical.

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