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In this article, we will discuss Harish, an Indian Army soldier. Continue reading to learn more about him.


Harish Singh Radhesingh Parmar was born in Vanjariya village, Kapadwanj taluka, Kheda district, India, in 1995.

He was 25 years old at the time. He was killed in an encounter with terrorists in the Machal sector.

The entire Vanjariya village is in mourning; he is from Gujarat and was recently martyred.

However, for several days, clashes have erupted between the army and terrorists;

Nine soldiers, including two JCOs, have been killed in this conflict; and the bodies of two jawans

Including one JCO, were discovered during a search operation on Saturday.

In Kashmir, the army has killed 13 terrorists after nine skirmishes.


Harish Parmar finished his primary school in Vanjariya village, Kapadwanj taluka, Kheda district.

Harish Parmar had also completed his studies at the Private University.

RIP HarishSinh Parmar 

He was a resident of Vanzaria village in Kapadvanj taluka of Kheda district, according to official sources.

And had been serving the country for the past five years.

He joined the Indian Army in 2016 and was stationed in Jammu and Kashmir.

The soldier was killed in a shootout with militants in the Machal Sector.

The entire village is in mourning following the death of an Indian soldier.

However, there are approximately 2500 people in his village.

And many more villagers from his neighboring village came on his last journey to pay tribute to him for his bravery.

He was a kindhearted man and also a brave Indian Army soldier who left us far too soon.

More than 100,000 people attended Harish’s funeral in Vanjariya village.

The Indian army’s traditional bullet firing respect for his body was also displayed.

The Clash

In Jammu and Kashmir, the Army and Militants have been fighting for several days.

They killed approximately 9 soldiers from our Indian army in the clashes, including two JCOs.

When the search for them began on Saturday, the search operation team discovered two bodies of soldiers, including a JCO.

Father is heartbroken after learning of his son Harish Parmar’s martyrdom, but he is also proud.

He sacrificed himself to protect the country, and it appears that the entire village is suffering, and he must take the holy land of India.

Proud of his son, he laid down his life for the country, and this feeling will never be forgotten;

He will always be reminded of the difficulties encountered while defending the country.


1. How old was Harish when he Died?

He was 25 years old

2. What Caused his Death?

He was killed in a shootout with militants in the Machal sector.

3. Are his Parents still Alive?

Yes, his parents are still alive

4. What is the Name of his Village?

Vanzaria Kapadvanj taluka is the name of his village

5. Was he the only Soldier that Died in the Clash?

No, he was not the only soldier that died in the clash

6. How many Soldiers Died in the Clash?

About nine soldiers died in the clash

7. Was he Married?

No, he was not married

8. What was his Religion?

His religion was Hindu

9. Does he have any Children?

No, he does not have any child

10. What was his Net Worth?

His net worth is unknown to the public

Our hearts go out to the family of the soldier who gave his life to protect the people of this country; he will be remembered, and may his soul rest in peace.

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