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In this article, we will discuss Helena Schneider, the ex-wife of a well-known American actor and comedian. Continue reading to learn more about her.


Helena Schneider is a well-known American actress who was born in the United States.

Helena is the ex-wife of Rob Schneider, a popular American actor, and comedian.

Her ex-husband Rob Schneider is a well-known stand-up comedian

Helena is Rob’s stepmother’s daughter, and she raised them while she and Rob were still married.

Helena’s stepdaughter Elle King is a musician, and there is no information about her relatives or parents.

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Helena’s Love Life

Helena and Rob Schneider started dating in 2001 and have been together ever since.

They exchanged wedding vows in the months that followed and married in 2002.

Helena’s marriage to Rob is the only reason anyone wants to know anything about her.

It was only three years before Helena and Rob called it quits, and they did so amicably after a divorce.

Elle Schneider, better known by her stage name Elle King, was Helena’s stepdaughter.

Helena Schneider married Robert Schneider in the year 2002.

Only close friends and family were invited to their wedding ceremony to keep it intimate.

Unfortunately, after a few years of marriage, the couple began to drift apart.

A few years after they separated, Rob married Patricia Azarcoya Arce, a television producer.

Helena Schneider does not appear to be in a relationship at the moment.

Following her divorce from Rob Schneider. She is currently single.

About her Ex-Husband

Rob Schneider is a screenwriter and standup comedian.

And also an actor who has appeared in numerous films, many of which are comedies.

Hirose to prominence with his comedic sketches on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

Rob comes from a mixed ethnic and religious background.

His mother was a Catholic, but his father was Jewish.

He has, however, successfully transformed his mixed heritage into a consistent source of comedy themes.

Whenever he steps on stage to make his audience laugh.

The Rob Schneider and Helena Schneider marriage was the actor’s second marriage attempt.

He was previously married to London King.

Unfortunately, the marriage only lasted three years.

Helena Schneider Instagram

Given Helena Schneider’s preference for privacy.

It is not surprising that she is not known to be active on any social networking platforms.

She is only well-known because of her ex-husband, Rob Schneider.

Net Worth and Physique

Helena was popular because she was a celebrity spouse, but she is said to be worth $2 million.

Helena Schneider is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs approximately 67kg.

She is not particularly tall, but she is slightly taller than average.

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1. What Year did Rob Meet Helena?

They met in the year 2001

2. When did they get Married?

They got married in the year 2002

3. Is Helena still Married to Rob?

No, they separated

4. Which Year did the Couple Separate?

They separated in the year 2005

5. While They Were Together, did They have a Child?

No, they did not

6. What is Helena’s Occupation?

She is an actress

7. Is Elle King Helena’s Biological Child?

No, she is her stepdaughter

8. Is Helena now Married?

No, she is single now

9. Is she on Instagram?

No, she is not

10. Is her Ex-Husband Married?

Yes, he is

Helena’s marriage to Rob is the only reason anyone wants to know anything about her.

Rob’s life has progressed since his divorce from Helena. He’s started a new family and is now living a happy life.

Helena, on the other hand, has stayed out of the spotlight.

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