Hell's Kitchen: What Happened to the Season 1 Winner Michael Wray
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Hell’s Kitchen: What Happened to Season 1 Winner Michael Wray & Tatou

– Micheal Wray –

Even after winning Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen season 1, Michael Wray faced a long battle with addiction. He experienced a lot of tragedy but never gave up.

With Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen season 19 underway, many fans are looking back at previous winners to see what happened to those who survived Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen.

Michael Wray from Hell’s Kitchen Season 1 was the very first to prove he had what it took, and many fans are wondering how his career is shaping up.

When Wray won the reality TV competition, he was only 27-years-old, with a very bright future. What many don’t know is that his win happened while he was battling a prescription painkiller addiction.

About Micheal Wray

Michael Wray appeared in Season 1 of Hell’s Kitchen. He won that season and was offered the chance to move to London to work under Ramsay and learn from him, which he accepted. He later declined due to family obligations, but he still received the $250,000 and retained the title of “Season 1 winner.”

Who is Micheal Wray

Michael Wray is a Colorado-based American chef. He is also the winner of the first season of “Hell’s Kitchen,” for which he received a cash prize of $250,000.

The man is currently making headlines due to his difficulties. He dealt with drug addiction, child loss, and other issues. Nonetheless, the chef has returned to his normal life.

A few years before Wray made his debut on the first season of Hell’s Kitchen, he had back surgery for scoliosis, but the surgery soon proved disastrous. The metal rods inserted into his back snapped.

Doctors prescribed painkillers, and soon enough, Wray was hooked on the drugs. However, Wray considered himself a functioning addict and was able to win himself a spot on Ramsay’s now-famous reality competition series. While he had a tough start, he was often the one leading the Hell’s Kitchen team. By the end of the series, he proved to be the victor. All the while, Wray was still taking prescription painkillers at an alarming rate. Shortly after his win, things started to go downhill.

Quick Facts: Michael Wray

Name Michael Wray
Age 33 years old
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Chef
Married/Single Married
Wife Lola (ex), Sharlene
Children Ozmo

Gordan Ramsay had offered to take on the chef and mentor him in London.

According to interviews with Mashed, Wray declined Ramsay’s job offer. He said, “It was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. I regret it all the time. I was in Hell’s Kitchen with a drug problem. And I was deathly afraid of going to London with this giant addiction.”  Despite the offer, Wray had two big silver linings on the horizon.

At the time, Wray had some money from his win. He quickly became head chef at The Standards restaurant in Los Angeles. Soon after that, he went on to open his own restaurant, now known as Tatou. 

The hit restaurant proved to be successful. So successful, in fact, that Wray prepared to open a new restaurant called HK One. At the same time, he and his wife were expecting their first child.

Micheal Wray’s Daughter’s Death

Unfortunately, Michael Wray’s daughter died during childbirth.

Over the course of the next couple of years, Wray struggled to keep his head above water.

First, he walked away from his hit restaurant Tatou. He and his wife divorced and Wray began living out of his truck.

He’d work odd kitchen jobs here and there to sustain his drug habit but eventually found himself living in an underpass in Los Angeles.

Michael Wray wound up moving out into the desert where he took nothing but drugs for days. A passerby found the Hell’s Kitchen star by the highway and called 911.

Wray woke up in the hospital and finally began his road to recovery.

Four years from that day, Wray is happily married once more and is living in San Diego with his wife.

Recently, he began raising funds to open a food truck. He hopes to drive the truck cross country, serve food, and help those who are struggling like he was.

Some fans hope to see Wray return to Hell’s Kitchen in another capacity.

10 Facts on Chef Michael Wray 

1. Michael Wray is a chef from the United States. He was also the first season winner of “Hell’s Kitchen.” It is a competitive reality television show.

2. Wray is 33 years old now. However, no trace of his actual birthday or zodiac sign can be found. Furthermore, the man does not have a Wikipedia page or any bios.

3. Michael is a handsome man with a shy personality. His hands and arms are covered in tattoos. Furthermore, the man stands tall and has a slim body.

4. Wray was given two options after winning Hell’s Kitchen. One would receive a cash prize of $250 000, while the other would work for Gordan Ramsay in London for a year. The chef had recently married and decided on a cash prize.

5. The man had previously been married to Lola. In addition, the couple was pregnant, and their daughter was born. Unfortunately, his daughter died after failing to breathe for 8-10 minutes.

6. That incident had a wide-ranging impact on the chef. That’s why he began to experiment with drugs. The man was in a life-threatening situation and still survived. Finally, in 2012, he entered a rehabilitation facility.

7. Wray felt relieved when he could cook for 7-8 people at the time. The man stayed for about three years. He also met his current wife at the same rehab center.

8. Micheal is currently married to Sharlene. The couple also has a son named Ozmo, whom they adore. Ozmo is a true gift to the chef after the deaths of so many children.

9. Wray is slowly returning and gathering all of the missing pieces. The man is attempting to set things right after his return. He has worked as a head chef in a number of restaurants.

10. Michael has also assisted many chefs in developing their menus. He is currently struggling and does not have a satisfying net worth.


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What happened to Michael Wray the first winner of Hell’s Kitchen?
Following Hell’s Kitchen, Michael agreed to work with Gordon, but after realizing the strains this would place on his family, he decided not to accept the prize. Before moving to Arizona, he worked as the Head Chef at The Standard in Los Angeles.

2. What is Micheal Wray doing now from Hell’s Kitchen?
Michael turned down the opportunity to work under Ramsay in London after his appearance on the show due to family obligations.

3. Who is the most successful Hell’s Kitchen winner?
Wilson, Christina Christina Wilson won Season 10 of “Hell’s Kitchen” on September 10, 2012.

4. Is Micheal Wray from Hell’s Kitchen still married?
A bystander spotted the Hell’s Kitchen star by the highway and dialed 911.

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