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This page is about Everleigh Soutas, and it contains information about her such as her age, height, and so on. Continue reading to learn more.

About Eveleigh Labrant

Born in California, United States on December 14, 2012 (age 9). She is a web celebrity video star. Her weight is 26 kg. Her height is 3 feet and 11 inches.
Some children are born with talent, while others must work hard to acquire it.

Everleigh, who was born in December 2012, first appeared in public in October 2013.

Not only that, but she’s been on a roll with her photo shoots, projects, Instagram, and accounts since then (which of course are managed by her mom). She has so much charm, is so charming and nice that you might mistake her for someone else.

She is so charming, attractive, and kind that you might mistake her for a superhero. Everleigh is close to both her mother and her accomplice in crime, Ava Foley.

Savannah Soutas, Everleigh’s mother, and Michelle Folley, Ava’s mother, have been great friends and have passed along the custom to their kids. The toddlers’ close friendship and great chemistry are seen in front of the camera, as the girls are completely at ease in each other’s company.

They are inseparable and enjoy each other’s presence.

She posted the first photo of her and Ava on Instagram in October of 2013. She has appeared in Vogue Australia and in a Kardashian Kids campaign.

Chantelle Paige, a musician, and social media celebrity is her aunt.

Savannah LaBrant and Tommy Smith gave birth to her in Orange County, California. Everleigh’s parents divorced when she was about two years old. They continue to co-parent to this day. Savannah married Cole LaBrant when she was four years old

Savannah and Ava’s mother co-founded The Wild Threads, an online children’s clothing store.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Old is Eveleigh LaBrant now?

She is 10 years old

2. How Old is Everli Rose?

6 year old

3. How Old is Posie?

3 years

4. How Old is Sav?

28 years

5. Who is Cole LaBrant’s Wife?

Savannah LaBrant

6. What is boy LaBrant’s Name?

Cole and Savannah LaBrant, popular family YouTubers, have finally revealed the name of their infant son. Savannah announced on Instagram on Wednesday, August 12 that the baby boy’s name is Zealand Cole.

7. Does Eveleigh LaBrant have a Phone?

“She doesn’t have her own phone, she has a little iPod, and we don’t even allow her have TikTok on the iPod because I’m not sure how much of what’s on there is kid-friendly.”

8. How Old is Savannah LaBrant?

29 years

9. How Old is Cole LaBrant?

25 years

10. Is Everleigh still Pals with Ava?

Everleigh and Ava have been great friends since birth and are delighted that children enjoy watching them interact!

Everleigh Soutas is unquestionably in the first group, as there is no other explanation for her accomplishment other than being born with it. She is a gifted child with many accomplishments. You may leave a comment and share it below.

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