how to change tick speed in minecraft

How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft (About Minecraft)

We’re always available to help you if you’re a new player of Minecraft. Want to know how to change tick speed? Look no further. This page contains all the information you require about Minecraft.

About Minecraft

We all adore Minecraft’s survival mode, one of the game’s main game types. 

First time ever, that Minecraft was made in just six days. You should also know that the name “Cave Game” was almost given to Minecraft. 

But wouldn’t a name like “Cave Game” sound more common? I suppose that Minecraft is far superior.

Know the second-largest Minecraft enemies? Ghasts are hostile monsters that live in the Nether and shoot explosive fireballs at the player.

After only the ender dragon, they are the second-largest mob in the game. The horrifying sounds are made by C418’s loving cat, which makes them when he is disturbed while sleeping, as he revealed in an AMA.

Creeper was created accidentally. Here’s an intriguing fact: Sometimes, at the beginning of the game, the term “Minecraft” is misspelled as “Miceraft.” Maybe there was a problem.

How to Change ‘Tick Speed’ In Minecraft

You want to change it because you need your grass to grow more swiftly or you want to quickly clear the forest. 

To be completely honest, the procedure isn’t at all difficult. It will undoubtedly improve your experience and your game. 

And yes, you are free to change them as you see fit! Just adhere to the directions below.

  • Ensure that you are in creative mode or that Opie is installed on your server.
  • To change the tick speed, enter the command “/gamerule random tick speed.” The tick speed can be changed by using the command “/gamerule.”

There are several versions of Minecraft that support this command. There are specifically two commands:

TickSpeed / random / gamerule value

  • At the bottom of the screen, type this command. randomTickSpeed is a gaming rule.
  • Next, you must provide an exact tick speed value to control how quickly objects advance or diminish.
  • Press enter once you have finished typing the exact value you desire.
  • In Minecraft, the game cycle runs at a steady rate of 20 ticks per second, or once every 0.05 seconds. Days in-game last for 24000 ticks, or 20 minutes.


Cheers! You succeeded! You’ve been able to customize the Minecraft tick speed to your preferences. I promise that your game will improve.

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