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How to do Griddy Celebration in FIFA 23: Controls Guide

Do you want to know how to perform the Griddy goal celebration in FIFA 23? After dominating football fields and Fortnite lobbies in recent years, it appears the Griddy is about to take over the FIFA world.

How to Hit the Griddy in FIFA 23

The Griddy is a brand new celebration in FIFA 23, and we expect to see it everywhere!

Christian Pulisic, a Chelsea and USMNT player, has performed the new celebration in-game footage, and we can’t wait to join in!

  • To perform the new PlayStation celebration: Flick RS Up x 2 while holding R2.
  • To perform the new Xbox celebration, hold RT and flick RS Up twice.

The Viral Griddy Dance

how to hit the griddy

The new FIFA games are always keeping up with the latest renditions, and as a result, new celebrations abound. 

The latest viral dance move was popularized by Manchester United’s Anthony Elanga and pioneered by Allen Davis.

The Griddy was a viral dance created by LAHGRIDDY that gained popularity.

The dance has become a popular celebration in both American football and Association football, also known as soccer.

Since its popularity, the dance has made its way into video games such as Fortnite and, more recently, Madden and FIFA 23.



FIFA 23 is the latest installment in the long-running FIFA video game series, and it will be released on September 30, 2022.

EA has now added the viral Griddy celebration to the game ahead of its release. 

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